• 016a Pre-Worksite Safety Inspection Form

  • Site/Project

  • Site/Project description

  • Job No.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

1 Site Photos

  • Site Photos

2 Offices & Administration

  • Are there office facilities?

  • Is there sufficient furniture?

  • Is the condition of the furniture acceptable?

  • Is there sufficient lighting?

  • Is building electrics in date for inspection?

  • Other comments:

3 Workshops

  • Are cranes in date for LOLER inspection?

  • Are fixed machines serviceable and in date for annual inspection?

  • Are Local Exhaust Vents serviceable and in date for 14 monthly inspection?

  • Are in date certificates/documents provided for all site equipment?

  • Are winches serviceable and in date for annual inspection?

  • Where lighting is provided, is it functional and sufficient?

  • Is the intended workforce trained and competent to use resident equipment & machinery?

  • Other comments:

4 Welfare Facilities

  • Does the site have toilets and washroom facilities?

  • Are on site toilets and wash room facilities sufficient for the size of the workforce?

  • Is there hot & cold running water on site?

  • Is the fresh water system regularly maintained and monitored for the Legionella bacteria? i.e. regular temperature checks!

  • Is there an area to setup a First Aid station?

  • Is there an area identified for skips to be located?

  • Our work processes will not affect neighbouring businesses/residential properties?

  • Other comments:

5 Yard

  • Is there sufficient space for goods in/out, area for lorries to turn, etc?

  • Is there a safe area for gas bottle storage?

  • Is there space for parking vehicles?

  • Is there a Galvanized metal bin with lid, provided for Oily Rags?

  • Other Comments:

6 Fire Safety

  • Are Fire Escapes, including lighting, sufficient and well maintained?

  • Are portable fire fighting appliances sufficient, of the type required, serviceable and in date for inspection?

  • Is there an evacuation muster point identified, and is there a sign displayed?

  • Is site signage sufficient and does it cover the intended works?

  • Is there sufficient access for the Emergency Services?

  • Other comments:

7 Security

  • Is there sufficient security for controlling access / egress to the site?

  • Is there adequate signage for site safety covering: Evacuation muster point, PPE, restricted access, forklift operations, parking, etc?

  • Other comments:

8 Hazards

  • Are there no falls from height hazards present?

  • Are there no electrical hazards present and is the building electrics in date for inspection?

  • Are there no falls in to water hazards present?

  • Are there no uneven ground hazards present?

  • Are there no hazards to general public such as noise, dust & fumes, arc eye, falling objects, forklift operations etc?

  • Are there no overhead hazards present?

  • If Asbestos is present within the building/site, are Asbestos warning signs in place and is the material condition acceptable?

  • Is there an Asbestos Register available for the building/site?

  • Other comments:

9 General

  • Overall Observations:

  • Things to consider:
    Where are the drains and what type are they, storm or effluent?
    Is there an area for smokers?
    Will spill kits be required?
    Is there an area for COSHH?
    Is there a quarantine area?

  • Personnel present

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