1 Admin

  • Is there a Ship Safety Plan in place, have all contractors signed up to the plan?

  • Induction process in place?

  • Is the Ships Safety Board up to date?

  • Is access / egress clear?

  • Is the T Card system running efficiently?

  • Is the permit system working?

  • Suggestions:

2 Amenities

  • Housekeeping?

  • Toilet rolls provided?

  • Hot & cold running water?

  • Hand soap & towels provided?

3 Fire Safety

  • Have the fire alarms been tested?

  • Are all escape routes clear?

  • Is there adequate safety signage?

  • Is there a sufficient amount of fire extinguishers onboard?

  • Are the Fire exits clear from obstacles around the perimeter of the Scaffolding?

  • Is there sufficient emergency lighting?

  • Suggestions:

4 Housekeeping Between Decks

  • Is the general cleanliness to a satisfactory standard?

  • Is rubbish being removed on a daily basis?

  • Is cable management to a satisfactory standard?

  • Suggestions:

5 Housekeeping on Weatherdecks

  • Is the general cleanliness to a satisfactory standard?

  • Is rubbish being removed on a daily basis?

  • Is cable management to a satisfactory standard?

  • Suggestions:

6 Scaffold

  • Is the scafftag In date?

  • Is the general cleanliness to a satisfactory standard?

  • Is the scaffolding clear of all rubbish / debris / non-essential tools & equipment?

  • Are the scaffold boards secure?

  • Suggestions:


  • Is PPE being adhered to?

  • Is the PPE in a good condition?

  • Noise - Is the correct ear protection being worn?

  • Are safety glasses being worn?

8 Portable Electrical Equipment

  • Has portable electrical equipment been PAT tested?

  • Are the guards fitted?

  • Are the handles attached?

  • Is general maintenance to an acceptable standard?

9 Housekeeping around / underneath vessel

  • Is the general housekeeping to a satisfactory standard?

  • Suggestions:

10 Gas Bottles, Fuel Stores and Associated Equipment

  • All fuels separate and not free standing?

  • Ready use bottles turned off at cylinder and excess gas vented from hoses when not in use?

  • Equipment Wear & Tear?

  • In date for inspection?

11 Maritime Pollution (MARPOL)

  • Are RAMS in place for fueling operations?

  • Are spill kits in place and fully stocked?


  • Are Access and Egress arrangements safe, including working at height access (Ladders, Scaffolding, etc.)?

  • Are all hazards suitably controlled and appropriate measures taken to ensure the health and safety of SMS personnel and others who may be affected by their activities?

  • Do personnel have the relevant instruction and training to carry out the work safely?

  • Are all COSHH products being managed iaw COSHH Regulations 2002?


  • Observations

Audit Complete

  • Auditor

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