1 Previous inspection

Has the last inspection been reviewed?

Are there no outstanding actions?

2 Site Admin Office

Floor surfaces even and uncluttered?

Entry and walkways kept clear?

Intersections kept clear of boxes etc?

Furniture in sound condition?

Condition of filing cabinets?

Condition of chairs? (Five star bases.)

Desks in good condition? (No damage.)

Screen Based Equipment positioned to reduce glare from windows etc?

Are all electrical appliances in date for PAT testing?

3 Documentation

Site Induction Pack maintained?

Site Visitors Pack maintained?

SMP maintained?

Site Fire Safety Log maintained?

4 Car Park

General Housekeeping?

Is there sufficient Lighting?

Is there sufficient Signage?

5 Commercial Vehicles

General Housekeeping & Maintenance?

6 Yard

General Housekeeping?




Perimeter Security?

7 Diesel Tank Area

General Housekeeping?

General condition of the tank is are good?

Correct signage on display?

Maintained i.a.w. COSHH Regs?

Spill Kit fully stocked?

8 Amenities

General Housekeeping?

Hot & cold running water?

Soap, barrier cream & towels provided?

Toilet rolls provided?

Adequate Lighting?

9 Mess Room

General Housekeeping?

Hot & cold running water?

Soap & Towels provided?

Adequate Lighting?

10 Notice Boards

Adequate HSE information?

Information up to date and relevant to the site?

11 First Aid Boxes

Are contents regularly checked?

No contents past their expiry date?

Employees aware of location of first aid boxes?

Are first aid boxes accessible?

Are site First Aiders and emergency numbers displayed?

12 Lifejackets

In date for test?

Pre-user checks being adhered to?

13 Personal Protective Equipment

Adequate supply of correct PPE on site?

PPE Regs being adhered to?

General condition of PPE?


COSHH Log maintained?

COSHH Store in good order?

15 Store Room

General Housekeeping?

Is lighting adequate?

16 Pedestrian Walkways

Clearly Marked?

Free from obstruction?

17 Fire Exits and Escape Routes

Alarm test in date?

Signage clear and easy to follow?

Free from obstruction?

18 Fire Extinguishers

Correct type for hazards in vicinity?

Extinguishers present and in date for inspection?

Random Extinguisher check:
Anti-Tamper Tally?
Gauge in green?
CO2 correct weight?

19 Forklift

Forklift Checklist in date?

Annual LOLER Inspection in date?

Keys stored in managers office when not in use?

20 Overhead Crane

Crane Checklist Maintained?

Date Last Checked:

21 Lifting Equipment

Colour Coded?

Wear & Tear?

22 Hydraulic Jacks

None currently held but may lease if required.

In date for test?

Wear & Tear?

23 Gas Bottle & Fuel Stores

All fuels separate?

Stowed in locked cages?

Ready use bottles secured and not free standing?

Ready use bottles turned off at cylinder and excess gas vented from hoses when not in use?

24 Gas hoses & associated equipment

In date for inspection?

Wear & Tear?

Gauges free from damage?

25 Workshops

General Housekeeping?

Local Exhaust Vent in date for inspection & evidence of usage?

Welding Screens?

Are oily rags disposed of in a metal bin fitted with a lid?

Is the oily rag bin placed outside when the site is unattended?

Suggestion / Near Miss Box Checked?

26 Fixed Machinery

Guards fitted and correct?

Clean & well maintained?

Pre-user Checks displayed?

In date for inspection?

PUWER Assessments in place?

27 Portable Electrical Equipment

PAT test displayed?

Guards fitted & correct where applicable?

Tool used i.a.w manufacturers guidance?

Clean and well maintained?

28 Quarantine Area

Is the area secure?

Is a log maintained?

Is there sufficient signage?

29 Racks - Steel/Alum. Plate & Pipe

General Housekeeping?

Are different metals segregated?

30 Metal Scrap Bins & Skips

No scrap overly protruding?

Segregated materials?

31 Ladders & Steps

Are all ladders Industrial strength? (Non Household rated, check label.)

Are ladders in good condition?

If used for electrical work are they non conductive? (Wood or fibre glass)

Used according to instructions?

For extension ladders are ropes, pulleys and treads in a good state of repair?

In date for inspection?

32 Site Electrical

No general electrical issues?

In date for inspection?


Have personnel completed a Take 5 Risk Assessment for works being undertaken?

Are access and egress arrangements safe, including working at height access (Ladders, scaffolding tagged, etc.)?

Is housekeeping / tidyness acceptable in the work area, and is it free from slip, trip and fall hazards?

Are all hazards suitably controlled and appropriate measures taken to ensure the health and safety of Burgess Marine personnel and others who may be affected by their activities?

Do personnel have the relevant instruction and training to carry out the work safely?

1 Fresh Water System Management

Fresh Water System Management Log up to date?

Regular Hot & Cold water temperature checks?

No noticable defects around the fresh water system?

2 Waste

General Housekeeping of skip areas?

Separate skips provided for General and Recycle waste?

Waste collection conducted regularly?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.