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  • Centers are required to conduct and document daily/weekly/monthly inspections. Results of the inspection are recorded below. In the event a deficiency is identified but cannot be corrected, the Safety Officer, Dorm Coordinator, Department Manager or Building Manager will submit a maintenance work order. Completed checklist must be returned to the Center Safety Officer, [CSO]. Not all areas are inspected; however, this report shows the findings of those areas inspected.

  • Areas of the inspection are conducted at random. Not all items will be inspected. As such, not all deficiencies or good practices will be observed or noted. Please ensure you are always inspecting your areas. Please use this report as a guidance on how to conduct your own inspections within your area. Please also share this report with your staff within your areas to improve on Safety within your area.

  • Please share with your staff to make improvements to safety related issues.

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  • If deficiencies were found, they must be corrected by the date provided. Afterwards, you will need to notify the Safety Officer by no later than the date provided by email & accompanying photographs. If there were no deficiencies, then please just share the findings with your staff.

Comments notated on the Departmental Safety Inspections

  • Reason for inspection

  • Is the Hazard/Near Miss eligible for the contest?

  • Student or Staff's Name:

  • Student or Staff's ID #:

  • Notes or comments from the area Manager or staff

  • Notes from the Safety Officer

  • Monthly Fire/Sprinkler Inspection (PM)
  • Finding Summary

  • The Inspection revealed the following

  • You will need to correct the deficiency and notify the Safety Officer no later than

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Department Manager

  • If there were any deficiencies found, you will need to notify the Center Safety Officer once they are corrected, so a follow-up inspection can be completed.

  • Items inspected are at random. As such, the findings will be listed below.

Below are the results of our findings.

    Good Practices / Deficiency Finding
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  • The Inspection revealed the following;

  • You will need to correct the deficiency and notify the Safety Officer no later than

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