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  • Summary

Cleaning - Swimming Pools and Surrounding Areas

  • Surfaces are free of all stains, ingrained dirt, streaks, smears and build up of lime scale or dry germ

  • Pool areas are free of any persistent odours other than those associated with swimming pool chemicals

  • Blue overshoes are available from a dispenser strategically located

Receive Chemicals

  • Process of receiving chemicals is understood by pool operators (i.e. constant supervision, refusal of shipment where leakages are suspected)

Chemical Storage & Segregation

  • Colour coding and labelling correct

  • Segregation understood and practiced

Documentation and Forms

  • Guidance procedure available and of the correct revision

  • Maintenance Routine at correct revision

  • Maintenance Log at correct revision

Records – Maintenance, sampling, calibration

  • Maintenance Routine complete and up to date

  • Maintenance Log complete and up to date

  • Calibration records up to date

  • Water Balance maintained within correct parameters

  • Pool test trends understood by pool operator

  • All parameters within specification or deviations understood and remedied promptly

  • Water balance tested

  • Water balance maintained within required parameters

  • Respirator maintenance record maintained and up to date


  • Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities understood by pool operators

Swimming pool safety

  • No broken tiles on pool surrounds

  • No broken tiles within the pool

  • External phone line connected to an emergency phone

  • First aid box is available, fully stocked, and clearly located

  • Poolside signage clearly displayed and up to date

  • Internal lighting is fully operational

  • Safety hook and buoyancy aids are available and in good condition

  • Fire appliances in plant rooms available and functional, and records up to date

  • Eye wash stations available and up to date

  • Heating pipes in pool area not exposed

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Available

  • Evidence of use

  • Retained in a clean manner inside PPE storage locker

Dolphin Cleaners

  • Maintained in a clean state


  • Pool covers are operational

  • Air handling units are fully operational and inlets are clean

  • Pool water and air temperature maintained within correct ranges

  • Pool operates within discharge limits

  • Any excessive discharges to waste are notified to the correct authority

Emergency Procedures - General

  • Overdosing Emergency Procedures available and understood

  • Emergency procedures practiced in last six months – records available

Proactive Spill Control

  • Spill procedures available and understood

  • Bunds available for liquid chemicals (Sodium Hypochlorite, PAC)

  • Bunds clean, no included liquid or contamination, of sound construction

  • Spill kits available, usable and method of use understood by pool operators

Cryptosporidium, etc, Contingency Plans

  • Faecal and blood fowling emergency procedures available and understood

  • Emergency procedures practiced in last six months – records available

Technical inspections of swimming pools

  • There is a written annual inspection schedule identified by the Contract

  • The annual inspection schedule includes the inspection of swimming pools

  • There is a Technical Inspection Checklist for swimming pools

  • Swimming pools are inspected by the Contract according to the annual inspection schedule using the Technical Inspection Checklist for swimming pools

  • Swimming pool inspections are available for review

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