145.A.55 Maintenance Records

Is there evidence that shows CAMM2 Surveillance Audits are being conducted

Is there evidence to show that a CAMM2 Surveillance Audit has been carried out within the past 6 months

Are CAMM2 Surveillance Audits being recorded on the correct form F_AMO_006_01.

Is maintenance data being archived and retained IAW MOE 2.17

Do all pods have a CAMM2 TravTag IAW SOP_AMO_001

Is maintenance on the Lifting Beams carried out utilising the appropriate Cubic forms IAW SOP_AMO_001

Has the Responsible Manager delegated responsibility for authorising transfers of AP between pods to the Shift Supervisors. Is it recorded in the members Training Record?

Are Unserviceable components segregated from Serviceable Components

Are Unserviceable items marked or tagged to identify them as Unserviceable. SOP_AMO_001

Is there a Condition Reports Log as required by SOP_AMO_001

Are Toolkits fit for purpose and Complete?

Are toolkit catalogs up to date and reflect tookit contents accurately

Are tools returned to the toolkits at the end of each job, during extended meal breaks and at the end of each day?

Do all serviceable spares have a Certificate of Conformance?

145.A.60 Occurrence Reporting

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