• Are there unnecessary items in the workplace? (GMS1.1: Decluttering Workplace)

  • Are there any unused or obsolete machines, items, or equipment around? (GM S1.3: Usability, GM S1.4 Defect detection)

  • Are all fire extinguishers, fire exits, and first aid kits free from obstructions and readily available for use? (GMs S1.4.1, S1.4.2)

  • Is it obvious which items have been "red tagged" as unnecessary? (GM S1.2.1)

  • Are solid wastes segregated as to biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclables? (GM S1.2.2)

  • Is lighting adequate that the area is well lighted / no bulb is missing? (GM S1.3.1, S1.4.3)

  • Is ventilation adequate for the work? (GM S1.3.1, S1.4.3)

Set in Order

  • Are the walkways and the general office areas in good condition? (GM S2.1.4)

  • Are wires and cables secured or tie wrapped? (GM S2.1.2)

  • Are shelves and other storage areas marked with location indicators and addresses? (GM S2.3)

  • Are filing cabinets and its contents organized and properly labeled? (GMs S2.2, S2.3.2)

  • Are the maximum and minimum allowable quantities indicated? (GM S2.3.4)

  • Are fire extinguishers, fire exits, and first aid kits easily identifiable and easily located? (GM S2.3.5)

  • Are all postings current, neat & orderly in appearance? (GM S2.4.1)

  • Is there a smooth flow of information and process through the work area? (GM S2.1)

  • Are there files on top of working table that need archiving ? (GM S2.1.3)

  • Are binders arranged in a manner of the same height that no undersized or oversized items stored in the shelves?
    (GM S2.2.3)


  • Are floors, walls, blinds, ceiling kept "shiny" clean? (GM S3.1.1)

  • Are equipment or work areas kept clean? (GM S3.1: Cleaning)

  • Are all fire extinguishers, fire exits, and first aid kits readily available for use and free from dust and clutter? (GMs S3.1.2, S3.1.4)

  • Do employees ensure that floors are kept clean as well as office equipment? (GM S3.1.7)

  • Is there a regular fumigation, animal and pest control? (GM S3.2.2)


  • Are 5S related information properly cascaded to each employee? (GM S4.1.1)

  • Are improvement ideas being acted on? (GM S4.1.3)

  • Are the standards being considered with a clear improvement plan for the area? (GM S4.1.3)

  • Are the first 3 Ss (sort, set in order, and shine) being maintained? (GM S4.1.4)

  • Are standard procedures clear, documented and actively used? (GM S4.2.1)


  • Is everyone, even newly hired employees, aware of the 5S methodology and company standard procedures? (GM S5.1.3)

  • Are the floors, work areas and equipment kept clean without being told? (GM S5.1 Sustained 5S habits and procedures)

  • Are procedures up-to-date and regularly reviewed? (GM S5.2 Progress and feedback)

  • Are activity boards up-to-date and regularly reviewed? (GM S5.3.3)

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