Title Page

  • Operation

  • Audit Date

  • Shift

  • Audit completed by

  • Location

  • 0 = No problems or occurrences
    1 = One occurrences evident.
    2 = Two occurrences evident.
    3 = Three occurrences evident
    4+ = Four or more occurrences evident

SORT - Eliminate the clutter, sort out what is not needed.

  • Amount of excessive raw materials, WIP, excess packaging supplies & finished goods in the area and staging area

  • Number of unneeded equipment or tools & personal items (coat, food, open cups, etc.).

  • Clutter and unneeded items in drawers and cabinets

STRAIGHTEN - Organize and label, set boundaries and limits.

  • Items (including tools) without a designated parking place, including lines on floor, shadow boards for tools. Locations must be labeled with what belongs there to get credit.

  • Items (including tools) not located in their parking place.

  • Number of shelves (including inside or outside cabinets) that are not labeled with what belongs there or for inventory have location label affixed.

Shine - Equipement is in good repair and area is clean

  • Debris and spills (including rubber, hardened polymer, etc.) on floors and walls (generally, use the "cleaned within the past hour" rule)

  • Equipment is cleaned to "white glove" standards.

  • (1) Count any boxes or trash not located in the proper receptacle; (2) Count any cardboard boxes in dumpsters not broken down; (3) Count any recyclable items that are in the regular trash.

Standardize - Making it routine to keep organized

  • Lines, labels, and signs that are not in good condition.

  • Some form of cleanup checklist is posted and being used.

Sustain - Systems to keep 6S in place

  • Previous 6S Audit is posted with photos (if any).

  • Action Items from the last audit were completed.

SAFETY - Are there any safety concerns

  • Review the area for safety discrepancies - Count, take photos, and then type text in notes as needed.

  • Comments

  • Is this inspection complete? <br><br>NOTE: An action is required in order to notify selected department leadership that the audit was completed. <br><br>Action should be "Audit completed" and then assign the action to the department leaders where the audit was completed to post results. Thanks!

  • Please assign the action to the department of where the Audit was completed (example below)

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