Show clear and correct signals to the bench

Show good communication to player, coaches and the bench where necessary and show sound use of:
- Using preventative voice
- Skills to deal with conflict(control of the game) and start looking at managing the game

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:

RULES: Obtain 80% or above score on a current exam: Assessed via rules exam

Call on average 80% of fouls/violations in their area correctly

Call block/charge correctly by applying ‘FFF’ principles

Apply basic advantage/disadvantage principles where required

Understand and where necessary call advantage violations(goal
tending, 24 second shot clock)

Show they have the leadership skills to be able to control any domestic game, with any partner

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:


Show excellent position in trail & lead and show good movement to
maintain ‘the gap’ between offence and defence

Show good off the ball officiating including management of:
- Off the ball screens
- Post play

Show they are calling in their areas of responsibility

Start to show use of advanced mechanics including:
- Movement to area 5/6 in lead
- Movement across to cover the play in area 3 in trail
- Button hole mechanic

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:


16 years of age or older and been a B grade for a minimum of 6 months

Wear correct uniform and be punctual to games


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