Show clear and correct signals to the bench

Show good communication to player, coaches and the bench where necessary and start:
- Using preventative voice
- Showing skills of being able to deal with conflict

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:

RULES: Obtain 80% or above score on a current exam: Assessed via rules exam

Make the correct call on all heavy contact situations

Call the majority of fouls in their area, in particular showing that they protect the shooter

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:

Call all out of bounds correctlly

Call the majority of travels

Call the majority of double dribbles

Call the majority of other basic violations

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:


Make correct positioning in trail & lead, and show they understand the principles of finding ‘the gap’ between offence and defence

Show they are starting to referee off the ball and they start looking for contact on: Off ball screens, post play

Show they are calling in their areas of responsibility

Comments/Advice that support the above competency:


15 years of age or older and been a C grade for a minimum of 6 months

Wear correct uniform and be punctual to games


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