• Document No.

  • Name of Assesor

  • Conducted on

  • Plant / Equipment Area

  • Brief Description of the Task / Work Activity

Stop! Take 5 This is a Point of Work Risk Assessment. Observe your work location & Think through the task you are about to perform.

  • If possible take a picture of the cell / location / area of work.

  • Are emergency procedures clearly understood (fire, emergency exits, security etc)?<br>(If not then seek this information. Record below)

  • Confirm emergency information requested and reviewed

The Task, Location & Tools

  • Can the ABB equipment be accessed freely without obstruction?<br>(If No please briefly describe the obstruction below. Attach photos is relevant).

  • Is the area of work excessively noisy? <br>[Advice. If you need to shout to hold a conversation you need to wear hearing protection]. <br>If you answer At Risk, please provide details below & actions taken.

  • Is Working at Height required?<br>[Advice. Working at Height is defined as any place from which you may fall & injury yourself]. <br>If you answer At Risk, please provide details below & actions taken.

  • Is there any risk from COSHH substances?<br>[Advice. This risk could be from chemicals, vapours, fumes, particulate matter etc. Consult with customer & examine specific risk assessments / MSDS]. <br>If you answer At Risk, please provide details below & actions taken.

  • Is there moving machinery / vehicles in close proximity to your work place?<br>If you answer At Risk, please provide details below & actions taken.

  • Is the area generally well maintained, free of obstructions and suitable for the work activity?<br>If you answer At Risk, please provide details below & actions taken.

  • Have all persons involved received a local induction for the area?

  • Are there any special permit requirements?<br>E.g. Confined Space, Roof Access, ECPL, Hot Work.

  • Enter details of any permits here.

  • Is all tooling & equipment being used for the task in good condition and where necessary tested?<br>E.g. PAT

  • Are there any environmental factors that may impact on the task?<br>E.g. Wind, Rain. Ice

Risk Assessment - Existing or Add New Dynamic Assessment

  • Is any generic risk assessment suitable and sufficient to cover your activity at this site? (For Service = RA/MS MK-RA-0010) <br>(If Yes, ensure that you have read and signed a copy and that you have this with you today)<br>(If No - Record additional information below)

  • Conduct Full Specific risk Assessment

  • Add details of the new hazard & its risk.

  • Assessment
  • Enter a description of the hazard.

  • Enter details of the associated risks and then use the sliders below to rate the risk.

  • How Likely is it that risk will occur 1 = Very Unlikely (Easy to avoid, Minimal interaction) 2 = Unlikely (Some possibility to avoid, Much interaction) 3 = Likely (Hard to avoid, intensive interaction)

  • How severe would be the outcome? 1 = Slightly Harmful (Minor Injury, First aid required) 2 = Harmful (Serious Injury, Hospitalisation likely) 3 = Extremely Harmful (Fatality, Life changing injury)

  • Choose a risk rating (L x S) 1 - 3 = LOW. Monitor regularly to ensure that the risk does not grow. 4 - 6 = MEDIUM. Potentially serious. Long term issues anticipated. Plan ahead. 9 = HIGH. STOP ~ ACT NOW.

  • Enter details of how you will control the risk

PPE details

  • Safety Shoes Worn?

  • Safety Glasses / Eye Protection Worn?

  • Hearing Protection Worn?

  • Other PPE required?

  • Provide details of the additional PPE.


  • Has this job / task been conducted before

  • Conduct Standard Risk Assessment for Future Use

  • Sign to Acknowledge Completion of Point of Work Risk Assessment

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