• Do all members of ABM staff on site carry a valid Sentinel card?

  • Do all members of ABM staff on site carry a valid Area A License?

  • Do all members of ABM staff on site carry a Site specific Core and Tour License?

  • Do all staff have their company ID cards?


  • Is the site file well organised and follows Index?

  • Is the Task/COSHH risk assessments up to date and signed by a competent person?

  • Have all operatives signed to state they have read and understood RAMS and COSHH?

  • Do staff understand HOT protocol? <br>-Not Hidden & are found in public areas in full view<br>-Not obviously suspicious<br>-Not typical of what is regularly encountered.

  • Can staff explain site emergency procedures? Evacuation, First aid etc?

  • Is there evidence on site to confirm that operatives have received the HSE “things you need to know” leaflet and signed confirmation is present?

  • Is ABM insurance valid and available in the Site Pack? Are ISO’s also present as best practise?

  • Are operatives clear on the Incident reporting procedure? If Incidents have been reported on Site is evidence of this kept locally?

PPE & Equipment

  • Is PPE being worn by all staff and seen to be fit for purpose?

  • Is all equipment used seen to be worn properly, in good working condition and free from defects?

  • Has all equipment been suitably PAT tested and tagged accordingly?

  • Has all equipment been inspected Prior to Use? (Pre Use Check Sheets)

  • Are compactors and Balers Isolated (locked off) when not in use?

COSHH & Equipment Storage

  • Is the storeroom License up to date and does the contents match the licence?

  • Are COSHH assessments stored in the chemical store room? Do they also match the chemicals stored there?

  • Is the store room kept in a clean and tidy manor with all items safely secured ?

  • Are chemical containers suitably labelled and not over filled?

  • Are mops and brushes stored correctly? <br>Are mobs and buckets drying properly and colour coding being followed?


  • Do all members of the team understand colour coding system for cleaning?<br>-Blue=Public /General areas<br>-Yellow=Accommodation areas<br>-Red=Toilets

  • Are designated first aiders on site that cover ABM working hours?

  • Can staff describe how to deal with spillages and sharps?

  • Is there evidence that training is taking place on site? E.g. Toolbox talks and learning pages.

  • Are bins no more than half full and clear bags are used?

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