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  • Incident Report No:

  • Audit Title: Incident/Accident Report

  • Company:

  • Conducted on

  • Reported by:

Incident/Accident Report

  • Complete this Accident/Incident Report Form as accurately and with as much detail as possible. Submit this report within 12-24 hours or as soon as practicable to the Crew Foreman/Supervisor, Health & Safety representative or Director/Principal for an Investigation to be scheduled as soon as possible.


  • Incident Report No:

  • Date Accident/Incident reported

  • Name of Person completing Report

  • Position/Role of person reporting


  • Accident or Incident Injury/Damage Type (select all applicable)

  • Date and Time of Incident (be as accurate as possible)

  • Day of accident or incident:

  • Injured/Involved Person Name:

  • Role/Position:

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Length of employment/contract of worker:

  • Shift Worked when accident or incident happened:

  • Incident Location (Forest, Road/s, Crew, Setting#)

  • Weather/Environmental Condition/s (select all that apply)

  • Were other people involved?

  • Person/Phone
  • Person's First name and Surname

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Position/Role and Company (if an external worker)

  • If injured, indicate on drawing where the injury or injuries were sustained.

  • If injured and First Aid was provided - what treatment was given:

  • Name of First Aider who provided the treatment:

  • Accident or Incident Details: Provide step by step information of - what you were doing when or just before the accident or incident happened - what actually happened - what you think might have caused the accident or incident - what happened immediately after the accident or incident up to when it was first report


  • Were there any IMMEDIATE action/s conducted or completed?

  • Action
  • What was the action conducted?

  • Who completed this action?

  • Any Corrective or Preventative Action/s to be Implemented?

  • Action
  • What is the action to be conducted.

  • Who is person responsible for this action.

  • Due Date for completion.

  • Is this a WORKSAFE NZ NOTIFIABLE injury or incident?

  • What type of Notifiable Event is it?

  • Name of person who notified Work Safe NZ

  • Method of Notification

  • Date of Notification


  • Name and Signature of Person Completing this Report Form.

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