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  • This is a revalidation record of operation training in accordance with the IATA recommendations AHM611.5 and AHM591. All revalidation training where new learnings are reviewed will include classroom elements in compliance with IOSA and ISAGO GSOM Standards.

    Pass mark is 80%


  • Started

  • 1. During all phases of the operation, did the employee wear all required PPE in accordance with operating procedures?

  • 2.Completed vehicle pre-trip inspection/ Walk-around check including removal of all FOD.

  • 3.Demonstrated the location and function of all 3 emergency stop buttons.

  • 4.Demonstrated vehicle height, width and length awareness.

  • 5.Demonstrated correct use of controls: Brake, Accelerator, Handbrake, Control lever.

  • 6. Did not approach an arriving aircraft until anti-collision lights are off, chocks in place and engines spooled down.

  • 7.Demonstrated correct use of Platform raise /lower enabler button /switch as per operational procedures.

  • 8.Demonstrated correct procedure for positioning GSE on to aircraft including brake test, not driving under wing and no touch policy.

  • 9. Ensured a marshaller was in position and demonstrated compliance with marshaller's instructions.

  • 10.Demonstrated during operation did not drive under wing.

  • 11. Demonstrated understanding and use of safety chain function.

  • 12.Correctly demonstrated the platform tilt function as per operational procedures.

  • 13.Demonstrated the correct use of the safety handrails as per operational procedures.

  • 14.Before driving on to or off stand, the platform was lowered to the correct height for driving as per operational procedures.

  • 15. Demonstrated correct positioning for parking procedures, both pre and post flight.

Flights Completed

  • List of completed flights Example Flt No Date Reg A/C Type 104 24APR DUB 330 If not flight related please state.

  • Comments

  • I have received training on the equipment listed above, I understand the operation of this equipment and I am aware of the location and functions of the controls. I understand the procedures and regulations as outlined in my training and instruction.

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