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  • Execute a visual inspection of all of the parts of the equipment, check for missing pieces, torn or loose hoses, and replace as necessary.

  • Check for fluid leaks and ensure proper fluid levels for oil, hydraulic, coolant and fuel.

  • Check for any tire damage.

  • Check wheel lugs for tightness or looseness.

  • Inspect cables and hoses for worn parts.

  • Check for cracked welds.

  • Check for platform rails and safety gage damages.

  • Check for bent or broken structural elements.

  • Check pivot pins for security.

  • All warnings and labels should be legible and in place.

  • Inspect the platform control. Ensure the load capacity is clearly marked.

  • Ensure that platforms are not slippery.

  • Check the hydraulic system pressure. If it’s not in the ideal level of pressure, determine the reason and repair accordingly.

  • Check base controls, platform controls, all switches and buttons, for proper operation.

  • Ensure that the drive controller returns to neutral.

  • Inspect horn, gauges, lights, and back-up alarms and ensure that they are in safe working order.

  • Clear the workplace zone as well from the following hazards:

  • Drop-offs or holes

  • Any debris, bumps & floor obstructions

  • Overhead obstructions

  • Live wires or energized power line

  • Pedestrian or vehicle traffic

  • Wind or weather conditions that may affect operation

  • Any other hazardous locations


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