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Drill Assessment

  • 1. Did participants of the fire drill demonstrate knowledge of the use and function of the fire alarm system?

  • 2. Did staff members know the location of the nearest pull station?

  • 3. Did staff know that extension 1300 is the number to call in order to report a fire within the facility?

  • 4. Was 1300 dialed during this dill?

  • 5. If 1300 was dialed, did the staff member identify their self and area?

  • 6.Did the staff member give the exact location of the fire?

  • 7. Did the staff member describe the nature and extent of the fire?

  • 8. Did the participants demonstrate the knowledge of confining the fire?

  • 9. Were the doors in the fire drill area closed?

  • 10. Did the staff know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher within the drill site area?

  • 11. Did the participants demonstrate knowledge of the PASS procedure for using a fire extinguisher?

  • 12. Did the participants demonstrate knowledge of the RACE procedure?

  • 13. Did the participants understand what each of their specific responsibilities are during a fire?

  • 14. Could the participants point out the location of the O2 shut-off valve?

  • 15. Could the staff explain the procedures they would implement if ordered to evacuate the area? Indicating the difference between vertical and horizontal evacuation?

  • 16. Did staff members of adjacent areas, including areas above and below the drill site; demonstrate knowledge of the fire drill announcement? If so, list the personnel surveyed including their respective areas.

  • 17. Were the visual and audible alarms noticeable in the fire drill area as well as in adjacent areas?

  • 18. Were additional fire extinguishers brought to the drill site? If so, how many and by whom?

  • 19. Was the "All Clear" announcement given in a clear and easily understood manner by the switchboard operator.


  • Enter any additional comments that you feel are relevant to this particular drill.

  • Please enter your name then sign when assessment is completed.

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