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  • We have today inspected and serviced as necessary to BS5306; Parts 3 & 8 2009, THE FOLLOWING EXTINGUISHERS WHICH WERE LEFT IN GOOD WORKING ORDER except where indicated below: PLEASE NOTE COMMENTS BELOW UNDER SPECIAL REMARKS

Schedule Of Equipment

  • Number of Water Extinguishers

  • Number of Foam Extinguishers

  • Number of Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

  • Number of Dry Powder Extinguishers

  • Number of Wet Chemical Extinguishers

  • Number of FE-36 Extinguishers

  • Number of Fire Blankets

Special Remarks & Parts used

  • Do any Extinguishers require refilling & recharging

  • Do any Water, Foam or Dry Powder Extinguishers require "Extended Maintenance"

  • Do any Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers require "Overhaul Maintenance"

  • Have the above been passed fit for use

  • If No, have these been Condemned

  • If No, have these been replaced

  • Have all Extinguishers been passed fit for use

  • Are all Extinguishers either wall mounted on Brackets or Extinguisher Stands

  • Is there adequate provision of Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Are all Extinguisher locations and type clearly marked with Identification Signs

  • Next Maintenance Inspection due

  • Routine Inspection By User It is recommended that regular inspection of all extinguishers, spare gas cartridges and replacement charges should be carried out by the user or user's representative at intervals, to make sure that appliances are in their proper position and have not been discharged, or lost pressure (in the case of fire extinguishers fitted with a pressure indicator), or suffered obvious damage. The frequency of inspection should not be less than quarterly, and preferably at least monthly. The user should replace existing extinguishers not available for use by serviceable extinguishers. Under Contract to RENOVATIO FIRE SAFETY LIMITED. Agreement No: 262221

  • Maintenance Technician: P. R. MCWATERS (Extinguisher Technician Certificate #2012:2329)

  • Signature of Responsible Person

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