1.0 Previous Inspection

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed

  • Are there any outstanding actions

2.0 Site Safety

  • Drainage is good

  • Fire lanes are clear

  • Sidewalks & parking lots are in good repair

  • Traffic signs & pavement markings are adequate

  • Exterior lighting is sufficient

  • Handrails are provided on steps and in good repair

  • Roof access is controlled

  • Annual playground inspection has been conducted and documented

3.0 Building Safety

  • Are all but main entry door kept locked from the outside

  • Visitor sign in log in place

  • Doors to custodial and maintenance areas are kept closed and locked

  • All interior classroom doors are kept in a locked state

  • Floor surfaces are in good condition, even and uncluttered

  • Entry and walkways kept clear

  • Staircases kept clear

  • Railings in good condition

  • No signs of leakage from roof or overhead pipes

  • Carpets are free from tears or excessive wrinkles

  • Windows are free from cracks or breaks

  • Light fittings are in place, clean and in good condition

4.0 Fire Prevention

  • Evacuation plan posted near the primary exit in every room

  • Evacuation/drills complete as per Alberta Fire Code

  • Fire extinguishers in place, unobstructed and properly charged

  • Fire extinguishers serviced regularly
    (check tag & monthly inspection form)

  • Exit doors easily opened from the inside

  • Exit doors are self-closing

  • Emergency lighting is operable and checked monthly

  • Annual fire alarm system check completed and functional

  • No holes or missing ceiling tiles

  • No flammable coverings on windows or doors or hung from ceilings

  • Wall art/teaching aids do not exceed 20% of wall

  • Fire rated doors in good condition and not propped open

5.0 Emergency Response

  • Classroom folders in place and contents complete

  • HZ Online Staff Updates Completed

  • HZ Online Staff Training Completed

  • Lockdown Drills completed as per policy

  • Drill logs are completed for each drill

6.0 Storage & Mechanical Rooms

  • Smoke or heat detectors in place and in good condition

  • 3 foot clearance maintained in front of and below electrical panels

  • Room is free of flammable and combustible materials

  • Panels are not being used as shelving

  • Fuses, breakers and disconnects are properly marked

  • Access door is fire-rated, self-closing and kept locked

  • Daily boiler checks are being conducted and recorded

7.0 Custodial Rooms

  • Appropriate PPE is available and being used

  • SDS in place for all controlled products, binder is easily located

  • All containers are labeled and in good condition, with WHMIS labels in place

  • Incompatible materials are segregated

  • No prohibited or outdated chemicals

  • Items stored on shelves are properly stacked with weight distributed evenly

  • Shelving and storage cabinets are in good condition

  • Equipment and electrical cords observed to be in good condition

  • Carts are clean and well organized

  • Portable ladder provided, appropriate and in good repair

  • Disinfectant levels being tested and recorded at least weekly

8.0 First Aid

  • Adequate first aid kits available and contents maintained as per policy

  • No expired or non-permitted items

  • First aid cabinets are highly visible and clearly labelled

  • There is easy access to the cabinet(s)

  • Medication administration authorizations completed for students with epipen/medications

  • Any student medication managed by the school is secured and labeled properly

  • The appropriate number of first aid attendants trained and designated as per policy

  • AED is in place, highly visible and easily accessed

  • AED battery and pads are within expiry date, trauma kit is complete and in place

9.0 Foods/Canteen/Kitchen Areas

  • The school had a current food permit posted and school community member certified in Food Safe

  • Food safety and clean-up rules are posted

  • Appropriate PPE provided and worn by students and staff and stored properly when not in use (oven mitts, aprons)

  • Shelving, counters and cabinets are clean and tidy

  • Equipment and electrical cords observed to be in good condition

  • Outlets not overloaded, extension cords not used as permanent wiring

  • Stove hoods operational, filters clean

  • Knives and sharp implements are stored in an appropriate manner

  • Hand washing stations are available and stocked with soap and paper towel

  • No accumulation of surplus items, garbage or recyclables

  • All products and containers properly labeled

  • Appropriate storage and segregation of food and chemicals

  • Food is stored in sealed, pest proof containers

  • No evidence of pests

  • Refrigerators and freezers are temperature monitored and within acceptable range

  • Perishable food is within expiry date

  • Sanitizer available for dish washing

10.0 CTS Shop Areas

General Safety/Housekeeping

  • Equipment operation area tidy/well organized

  • Equipment and electrical cords/cover plates observed to be in good condition, 1 meter clearance from panels

  • No food or drink in shop areas

  • 2 foot safety zone clearly marked around hazardous equipment

  • Shop safety rules are communicated and clearly posted

  • Ventilation is operational

  • Storage/shelving/cabinets are tidy and secure

First Aid/Emergency Preparedness

  • First aid kit in place and adequately stocked

  • Emergency eyewash available and maintained, bottles sealed/not expired

Hazard Control

  • Appropriate PPE provided and worn by students and staff and stored properly when not in use

  • Push bars and blocks available and used

Chemical/Hazardous Materials Management

  • Current chemical inventory

  • SDS maintained for any controlled products

  • Waste is properly stored, labeled and disposed of appropriately


  • Barriers in place to limit exposure to welding flash and sparks

  • Equipment guards used at all times, saw blades retracted after use

  • Equipment locked out when broken or being serviced; written lockout procedures in place

  • Safe operating procedures are posted near all major equipment

  • All major equipment is tied to the emergency stop

  • Equipment that requires it has magnetic switches to prevent unintended reactivation

  • Emergency shut off switches unobstructed

  • Saw blades/grinder wheels are inspected before each use and maintained

  • Tool/equipment storage is tidy and secure

  • Equipment is inspected regularly (each semester) and written records are kept?

Fire Prevention

  • Approved container in place for flammable waste/oily rags and emptied daily

  • Are combustible and flammable materials such as lumber stock and chemical solvents segregated from each other and from ignition sources

  • Outlets not overloaded, extension cords not used as permanent wiring

  • Waste bins are noncombustible

  • Dust collection systems are provided and maintained

  • Flammables stored in a proper flammables cabinet

  • Cylinders are secured in an upright position, away from heat sources, clearly labelled with caps in place

11.0 Science

General Safety/Housekeeping

  • Aisles/floors/exits unobstructed, benches/sinks/counters, and prep areas clean and tidy

  • Electrical equipment CSA approved, cords/cover plates in good condition

  • No food or drink in lab areas

  • Lab safety rules are communicated and clearly posted

  • A copy of "Safety in the Science Classroom" is readily available for reference

First Aid/Emergency Preparedness

  • First aid kit in place and adequately stocked

  • Emergency eyewash available and maintained, bottles sealed/not expired


  • Fume hood is operational/maintained and not used for storage

  • Safe/appropriate disposal containers in place for broken glass/sharps

Chemical/Hazardous Material Management

  • Chemical storage areas are protected to prevent unauthorized access

  • Proper chemical storage,
    incompatible materials are segregated

  • Chemical inventory is current

  • SDS maintained for any controlled products?

  • Chemical containers are appropriate and in good condition

  • WHMIS labels in place

  • Appropriate chemical spill cleanup kits in place

  • Chemical waste is properly stored, labeled and disposed of appropriately

  • Refrigerators/freezers are labeled "no food or drink"

  • Household food items labeled "for science use only"

Hazard Control

  • Lab aprons/coats available and used

  • Protective eye wear available and used

  • Chemical/flame resistant gloves available and used

  • Lab risk assessments completed

12.0 Classrooms & Shared Spaces

  • Maximum occupancy signs posted in gymnasiums and auditoriums

  • WCB and injury reporting documents posted in staff area

  • Lighting is appropriate to the tasks being performed

  • Carts/dollies available for transporting heavy items

  • Outlets and power bars in good condition; not overloaded; power bars plugged directly into walls

  • Extension cords not used as permanent wiring

  • Storage cabinets/shelving units stable and secure; not overloaded; in good condition

  • Storage units greater than 5' are secured to the wall

  • Materials stored at appropriate height for item size and weight

  • No storage within 16" of ceiling in sprinklered rooms

  • Storage areas are not overloaded

  • No accumulation of combustible materials

  • Teaching materials stored in tote boxes/covered containers

  • CSA approved platform ladders/step stools are readily available

  • Classroom furniture is in good condition, stable, washable and non-porous

  • Ventilation vents and grilles not blocked

  • Space heaters are CSA approved and used safely

  • Hazardous chemicals stored in locked cabinets or out of reach of children

13.0 Review

  • Inspection Reviewed by:

  • Select date

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