Job site photo's.

Have all previous issues been cleared?

Are First Aid kits readily available?

Quick drenching or flushing available where the eyes or body may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials?

Documentation of at least 1 person trained in First Aid?

Weekly Toolbox Talks documented?

Have all isues identified today been corrected?

Hazard Communication

MSDS Chemical Inventory list and SDS available upon request?

All containers properly labeled?

Written program available upon request?

Training regarding the new label elements and safety data sheets format by 12/1/2013?

Subpart E - Personal Protective Equipment

Are employees wearing proper PPE for task? (glasses, hard hat, respiratory protection, gloves)

Is visitor PPE available?

Is hearing protection required?

Subpart F - Fire Protection and Prevention

Are adequate fire extinguishers provided? (100' of travel & 3000 sq. ft.)

Are fire extinguishers available near fuel storage area (25'-75')?

Are extinguishers inspected at start of shift?

Are fire extinguisher inspections up to date?

Are flammable materials stored properly?

Is fuel storage area protected from vehicular traffic?

Flammable liquid containers OSHA approved? (metal w/ labels)

Is "No Smoking" signage present near fuel storage

Subpart G - Signs Signals and Barricades

OSHA and Jobsite Posters present?

Is OSHA Log Posted (Feb 1 - April 30)

Proper signage present?

Are barricades and traffic control devices available and being used properly?

Subpart H - Material Handling and Storage

Rigging inspected prior to use?

Rigging properly used?

Is rigging properly protected from sharp edges?

Materials properly stored?

Good housekeeping practices in place?

Subpart I - Tools - Hand & Power

Hand tools in good conition?(taped/cracked handles)

Power tools have required guards?

Subpart J - Welding and Cutting

Power tool cords in good condition?

Is Hot Work Perimt required?

Area free of flammable and combustibles within 35 feet

Fire protection equipment readily available?

Proper PPE in use?

Are bottles stored properly?

Subpart K - Electrical

GFCI or Assured Grounding Program in use?

Is temporary lighting available and properly protected?

Have electrical panels been protected?

Extension cords in proper condition? (ground prong/electrical tape)

Extension cords protected from traffic?

Is a Lo/To procedure in place?

Subpart L - Scaffolds

Scaffolding inspected and tagged?

Scaffolding not over loaded?

Wheels on rolling scaffolding locked while in use?

Scaffolding fully decked?

Fall protection in use during assembly and dismantling?

Proper access provided?

Subpar M - Fall Protection

Impalement protection provided?

Is handrail properly installed?

All components of Fall Proction equipment inspected before each use?

Employees using proper anchorage?

Hole and floor coveres properly installed?

Proper connection used for tie off?

Subpart N/CC - Cranes

Operator trained?

Crane inspections current?

Crane properly set up?

Swing radius barricaded?

Proper distance to energized power lines maintained?

Anti 2-block functioning?

Subpart O - Motor Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

Have operators been properly trained?

Employees wearing seat belts while operating?

Glass free from obstructions?(clean/cracks)

Back up alarms functional?

Proper tie off inside baskets?

Subpart P - Trenching and Excavation

Trench box installed properly?

Benching and sloping properly used?

Propery access and egress provided?

Utilities physically located?

Utilities protected in open excavation?

Soil classification identified?

Surface traffic protected from falls?

Subpart Q - Concrete and Masonry

Elevated pour properly supported?

Subpart R - Steel Erection

Employees not working under suspended loads?

Has Site Specific erection plan been provided?

100% Fall protection over 15' ?

Connectors trained and protected above 30 feet?

Perimiter safety handrail installed properly?

Wire rope hand rail flagged off?

Less than 3" slack in handrail?

Subpart X - Stairs and Ladders

Proper access provided for elevation change > 19"?

Is the proper ladder for the job being used?

Job built ladders constructed according to ANSI standards?

Are stairways free of obstructions?(including cords)

Are walking/working surfaces free from obstructions?

Is ladder at proper pitch? (4:1 ratio)

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Additional notes:

Updated 12.5.2013

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.