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  • CIP Audit No.

  • AIS Name

  • AIS Number

  • AIS Address
  • Accreditation

  • Type of Compliance Check

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

AIS Signage

  • The AIS displays a sign at the premises indicating that the AIS has been approved by the department to issue inspection certificates. <br>(BRAIS 1.5) and

  • The sign must meet the following specifications:<br> - The sign must state: APPROVED INSPECTION STATION APPROVAL No.<br> - The first three words must be at least 100mm high and the remaining words must be at least 50mm high. <br>(BRAIS 1.6)

  • Notes

  • Photographs of signage.

Approval Holder's Responsibilities

  • The approval holder must ensure that an AE engaged by the approval holder has current accreditation as an AE. <br>(BRAIS 3.1.1)

  • Proprietor to ensure an AE is available to inspect vehicles at the AIS during business hours, unless the approval holder has a reasonable excuse. <br>(AAOP 109 (1) (a))

  • Proprietor to ensure AE is accredited to inspect vehicles of the type for which the AIS is approved. <br>(AAOP 109 (1) (b))

  • AE inspects vehicle type for which AIS is approved. <br>(AAOP 109 (2) (a))

  • AE inspects vehicle type for which AE is accredited to inspect. <br>(AAOP 109 (2) (b))

  • AE holds a current driver licence for the type of vehicle AE is road testing. <br>(BRAIS 3.1.3)

  • LV COP and NHVIM is available for use by the AE for inspecting a vehicle and available for inspection by any other person at the AIS. (This includes both fixed and mobile AIS units)<br>(AAOP Part 3 s11 (2) & (3))

  • Before signing an inspection certificate, an approved examiner must ensure that:<br> - the certificate is completed correctly, and<br> - no entry on the certificate has been altered. <br>(VSS 19 (6) (a) & (b))

  • Verify certificates are signed by the AE and certified by the Approval holder or nominee, and the approval holder or nominee was approved to certify the certificates on the dates the certificates were issued. <br>(VSS 19 (7))

  • Verify that inspection certificates issued from a mobile AIS have been completed and signed correctly. <br>(VSS 19 (8))

  • Is proprietor charging the prescribed inspection fee. <br>(AAOP 109 (4))

  • If a nominee has ceased this role for the AIS confirm the date the nominee ceased, and how and when TMR were notified. <br>(BRAIS 3.3)

  • Verify written notice has been provided when:<br>An A/E starts or finishes at the AIS<br>There is a change in the name or location of the AIS<br>There is a change of ownership of the AIS<br>

  • Verify that contact details for the AIS are consistent with RUMIIS records, such as<br>Phone number<br>Mobile number<br>Email address<br>Postal address

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Document Keeping

  • Approval holder must ensure the following records are kept:
    (BRAIS 2)

  • Inspection certificates are kept for 2 years.

  • Cancelled inspection certificates are kept for 2 years.

  • Records are kept at the AIS during normal business hours.

  • Inspection certificates are readily accessible to TMR officers for audit or investigation purposes.

  • Inspection certificates are kept in a safe/secure place

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  • Photographs

Inspection Area

  • Approval holder must ensure that the AIS has a dedicated and suitable sized inspection area that allows an AE to thoroughly inspect all types of vehicles that the AIS is approved to inspect. <br>(BRAIS 1.1)

  • Notes

  • Photographs

Mobile AIS Unit

  • Does the AIS operate a Mobile Inspection Unit?

  • AIS trading name and approval number clearly and legibly displayed on sides of the mobile AIS unit. <br>(AAOP Part 3 s14)

  • Signs displayed on a mobile AIS are visible from a distance of 30 metres. <br>(BRAIS 1.7)

  • Produce a copy of the AIS approval upon request. <br>(TORUM Act s49)

  • AIS Mobile has the required equipment for the approval. <br>(AAOP s73/108)

  • Notes

  • Photographs of the mobile AIS.


  • The AIS approval holder must:
    - keep at the AIS the equipment mentioned in the application for the AIS approval to operate an AIS, and
    - ensure the equipment is maintained so that it efficiently performs the function for which it is designed.
    - ensure the equipment necessary for inspecting vehicles is maintained in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
    (AAOP s108)
    (BRAIS 1.4)
    (BRAIS 1.3)

General Equipment

  • Hoist/Pit/Ramp

  • Brake Tester

  • Brake tester calibration renewal date.

  • AE to demonstrate operation of Brake tester and headlight aimer/screen.

  • Headlight Aimer/Screen

  • Method of Checking Window Tint

  • Jack/s

  • Measuring Equipment for disc rotors, brake drums, pads, and linings

  • General tools

Light Trailers

  • Is The AIS approved to inspect light trailers?

  • Device capable of compressing the tow coupling.

  • Trailer light/brake testing equipment.

Heavy Vehicles/trailers

  • Is the AIS approved to inspect heavy vehicles and/or heavy trailers

  • Compressed air source

  • Kingpin gauges

  • Wheel chocks

  • Turntable locking tester


  • Is the AIS approved to inspect motorcycles

  • Equipment required for complete inspection of motorcycles including brake testing area


  • Notes

  • Photographs


  • Verify that:<br>The AIS is multi-listed on the approval document<br>The AIS has an accurate record of multi-listed staff for that AIS

  • Notes

  • Photographs

Corrective Action

  • Are there any corrective actions required?


  • Primary Auditor

  • Corrective Action
  • Select Conditions of Approval

  • Action Required

  • Date for completion of action


  • AIS Representative

  • Primary Auditor

  • Has the Corrective Action been rectified.

  • Date Corrective Action cleared.

  • Primary Auditor.

  • Has any enforcement action been taken

  • Enter details below.

  • Primary Auditor.

Further Information

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