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Item 4. Sistema gestão da qualidade

  • 4.1 Requisitos Legais<br>Existe um Sistema de gestão da qualidade estabelecido, documentado, mantido e melhorado continuamente?

  • 4.1 a A empresa identificou os processos necessários para o sistema de gestão da qualidade e suas aplicações por toda a organização?

  • 4.1 b. Determinou a seqüência desses processos?

  • 4.1 c. Determinou critérios e métodos necessários para assegurar que a operação e o controle desses processos sejam eficazes?

  • 4.1 d. Os recursos e informações necessários para opinar a operação e o monitoramento dos processos estão assegurados?

  • 4.1 e. Os processos são: analisador, medidos, monitorados?

  • 4.1 f. Ações necessárias para atingir os resultados planejados e a melhoria continua desses processos foram implementadas?<br><br>Os processos são geridos pela organização de acordo com os requisitos da ISO9001:2000?<br>A organização assegura o controle de processo adquirido externamente que afete a qualidade do produto sendo o controle de tal processo identificado o sistema de gestão da qualidade?

4.2 Requisitos de Documentação

  • 4.2.1 Generalidades

  • 4.2.1 a. A documentação do sistema de gestão da qualidade inclui declarações documentadas da política da qualidade e dos objetivos da qualidade?

New Items

New Items!

  • IAuditor has many different item types. This section will explain a few of them.

  • This is a checkbox. Tap on it.

  • The checkbox is now checked! Nice!

  • This is a single line text field.

  • Hey you entered some text, great!

  • This is a date and time input.

  • These fields you are seeing all over the place are information fields. You can use them to show information in your template.


  • This is your basic Yes - No - N/A question.

  • This is a Safe - At Risk - N/A question.

  • This is something a little different ..

  • A bit more different ..

  • And really different.

  • In summary, these are Question items. You can change the responses to whatever you like, and whatever colour you want!

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Smart Fields

Smart Fields

  • Smart Fields are going to be one of the greatest features of iAuditor. They will allow you to show and hide different items depending on how a user progresses through the template. You may have seen a few examples of it in the previous section, but here are some more.


  • Check this checkbox

  • This message has appeared because the checkbox has been checked.

  • Now check this checkbox.

  • This message will disappear when the checkbox above is checked.

  • Type in some text

  • This appears because the text is not empty.

  • Turn the switch on.

  • Now this one

  • And this one

  • One More

  • And this one .. Just kidding. Smart Fields are pretty powerful things.

  • Sign this Field

  • Great work!

  • Last thing, on a scale from 0-10 how awesome do you think Smart Fields are?

  • Oh.. Okay, is there anything we can improve on?

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Moving On

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Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields

  • Dynamic Fields will be a little confusing at first, but they will completely change how your templates are designed.

Employee Register

  • Please add an employee.

  • Employee
  • Name

  • Employee Number

  • Signature


  • Did you add an employee? How many? 1? 2? 50?

    This is what Dynamic Fields are all about. When you don't know the amount of items you will be putting inside a template.


  • Is there any faulty equipment?

  • Equipment
  • Model #

  • Serial #

  • Is anyone at fault?

  • Who?

  • Person
  • Name

  • Employee #

Finishing up.

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Last Section

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