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Previous audit

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed? (2)

  • Are there any outstanding actions? (2)

Food Safety File

  • Is the daily personal checklist filled in daily and up to date for the past 3 months? (5)

  • Is the weekly checklist done by the Fresh Manager and up to date for the past 3 months? (5)

  • Is the Cold holding, Freezer and Chiller record filled in daily and up to date for the past 3 months? (10)

  • Is the Raw Material and Batch control filled in daily and up to date for the past 3 months? (5)

  • Is the Manufacturing control filled by all work stations and up to date for the past 3 months? (10)

  • Is the weekly Scale Verification filled in weekly and up to date for the past 3 month? (5)

  • Is the Monthly Thermometer control filled in and up to date for the past 3 months? (5)

  • Is the Scale and Thermometer Calibration filled in and up to date for the past 3 months? (5)

  • Is the Cooking oil quality control filled in saily and up to date for the past 3 months? (10)

  • Is there a Cleaning schedule for all equipment and storage areas available? (10)

  • Is there Training registers to verify that staff gets food safety training on a regular basis? (5)

  • Is the Food Safety file signed off weekly by the Fresh Manager? (5)

Other department admin

  • Is the weekly stock take been review and is an action plan in place for variances above R200? (10)

  • Is waste been reviewed and is an action plan in place for high waste? (5)

  • Is the SOP followed on used oil - oil adjustments done weekly and oil send back tiding up with oil quantity adjusted ? (5)

  • Is the bread productivity plan in use by the bread team? (2)

  • Is the range checklist done daily by the Fresh Manager and given to the Supervisor to action? (2)

Overall hygiene of department

  • Is there detail cleaning on walls and floors? (2)

  • Are all ingredient bins kept clean? (2)

  • Are dustbins kept clean? (2)

  • Are all workstations having sanitation buckets available and are they in use? (5)

  • Is packaging stored off the floor? (2)

  • Are all drains clean? (2)

  • Is the extractor fan working and clean? (2)

  • Are there any signs of pest infestation? (2)

  • Brooms and mops kept clean and hanging? (2)

  • Are all flytraps working? (2)

  • Is the cold room/freezer curtain and surrounding clean? (2)

  • Is the cold room free from damages and waste? (2)

  • Is the floor/ corners/ shelving clean in the cold room and freezer? (2)

Portal and Equipment

  • Is all equipment in a good working condition?

  • Equipment description

  • Fault description

  • Is the fault log on Portal?

  • Is all completed jobs been verified and closed on Portal?

  • All equipment clean? Weekly deep cleaning done and daily cleaning done? (5)

  • No Broken or rusted utensils in use? (2)

Product and Presentation

  • Weekly production planning done on a Thusrday and signed off by the Fresh Manager? (10)

  • Production planning done on a daily basis and signed off by Fresh Manager? (10)

  • All products done using recipes? Good quality? Correct weights of finish products (2)

  • Is the full range of confectionary available and in the correct packaging? (2)

  • The full range on outsourced confectionary available as ranged on the catalogue? (2)

  • All products priced correctly? (2)

  • Is all promotional lines having extra space with tickets? (2)

  • Fresh bread and rolls available at all times? (2)


  • All staff washing hand when entering the department? (2)

  • Is staff practising clean as you go and using sanitizer? (2)

  • All staff wearing hair nets and gloves? (2)

  • Are all staff dress correctly? White dust coats and no jewelry? (2)

  • Staff scheduling done to keep up with the production plan demand? Tea times and lunch times planned by Supervisor?

Sign off

  • Manager

  • Supervisor

  • Mandi Marais

Action to be taken

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