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  • Are there any obvious hazards?

  • What are the hazard(s)

  • Broken Glass, Faeces or Bodily Fluid - What will you need to safely clean this up?

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  • Ensure that you have - Gloves, Pick up stick/tongs and Sharps Container

    syringe disposal.jpg
  • Can the Animal be removed without endangering yourself or others?

  • What PPE will you need to safely remove the animal from the location

  • STOP - Do Not Attempt to remove the animal - Contact supervisor and the Rangers Immediately

    Stop and call ranger.jpg
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  • Is there any vandalism?

  • What Vandalism is there?

  • Graffiti: What PPE is required to clean the graffiti safely?

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  • How badly burnt or Damaged are the tables/chairs/pergola or hut?

  • Stop - barricade.jpg
  • What PPE will you need to clean the area safely Take photos and notify supervisor when complete

  • Ensure that the Electricity to the area is isolated before commencing any cleaning.
    Once isolated - clean the area and report to your supervisor.

    SWP001 BBQ.png
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