• Entrance, doorways and floors are kept free from obstructions (e.g. boxes)

  • Floors are in good condition with no cracks, dips, holes, tears or rips

  • Floors are clean (e.g. free from rubbish) and not slippery

  • Computer and other electrical leads and cables are kept clear of pathways and walkways

  • Doors open and close/slide freely

  • Doors locks are able to be easily opened

  • Ceiling tiles are in place and not damaged

  • Are the blinds/shades clean and in good operating condition?


  • Lighting is in good working order (e.g. not flickering or blown bulbs)

  • Light covers are in place and not damaged

  • Blinds and curtains can be drawn to reduce glare

Stairs and Landings

  • Stairs and steps are free from obstructions

  • Anti-slip resistant strips are in good condition

  • Handrails installed are in good condition (e.g. no peeling paint, rust or corrosion)

Kitchen and Lunch Rooms

  • Knives and sharp items are stored in a secure location

  • Sinks are clean and free from debris

  • Hot and cold taps are clearly labelled

  • Food containers are correctly labelled

  • Work benches are clean

  • Exhaust fans are functional and clean

  • Appliances are clean (e.g. fridge, microwave, oven, sandwich press), if applicable.

  • Clean tea towels/paper towel are available

  • Oven mitts or gloves are available and in good condition for handling hot items

Chemical Management

  • Hazardous substances are stored in a locked cupboard

  • Chemicals are not stored in food or beverage containers

  • Chemicals are correctly labelled with the label clearly legible and intact

  • Dangerous goods are segregated in storage per the Segregation of Dangerous Goods Chart


  • Items are stored so that they are not at risk of falling

  • Storage racks are in good condition (e.g. no bowed shelves)

  • Space below desks are free from obstructions (e.g. no boxes stored underneath)

  • Frequently used, heavy and bulky items are stored within easy reach (between waist and shoulder height)

  • Step ladder is available and in good condition

  • Trolleys are available and in good condition to transport items

Electrical Equipment

  • Extension leads are in good condition (e.g. no cracks, damage or loose plug)

  • Power boards are not connected in a “piggy back” manner

  • Electrical points are in good condition

  • Media outlets for data projectors are fixed and accessible

  • Data projector screen is secured with remote available

  • Speaker equipment is secured with the cabling in good condition

  • Light switches are in good working order and not damaged

  • Damaged or faulty items of equipment have been electrically isolated and tagged out

First Aid & Emergency Management

  • First aid kit/cabinet is available and accessible

  • A fire blanket is available, accessible and has been inspected in the last six months (check tag)

  • A fire extinguisher is available, accessible and has been tested in the last twelve months (check tag)

  • An Emergency Evacuation Plan is displayed and clearly Legible

  • Emergency exit door(s) are clearly signposted, illuminated and unobstructed

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