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AVO Inspection


  • Was visual inspection performed for defects, which may include cracks, holes, or gaps in piping or covers; loose connections; liquid leaks; broken or missing caps; broken, cracked or otherwise damaged seals or gaskets; broken or missing hatches; or broken or open access covers or other closure or bypass devices


  • Was an audio inspection of the site conducted for pressure leaks and liquid leaks


  • Was an olfactory inspection conducted for unusual or strong odors

  • Were any leaks discovered as a result of the AVO inspection of this location?

  • Leaking Componenet

  • Leaking Equipment Type

  • Describe Leak

  • Leak Picture

  • Does this location have natural gas powered pneumatic control devices?


  • Pneumatic controllers were inspected and are in good working order

  • Pneumatic controllers were maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

  • Pneumatic controllers were not venting in excess of what is required for normal operation


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