Site Operation

Morning Operation

  • Route Metrics - Up to date? (Please check preferred postcode list has been updated)

  • Unavailability- Up to date? (Soft copy and signed copy should be complete)

  • Daily log - 20% check - Please add comments

  • Morning Brief

  • UTR

  • Process - Flow of morning operation

  • Efficiency

Health & Safety

  • PPE

  • Cages - Stacked too high? / Returning cages / Applying brakes / Moving cages

  • Yard Safety - Hazard lights / Speed limit / Parked safely

Documentation & Operation

  • DA sheets - Signature / Vehicle reg / Date etc

  • Working Space - Clear desk policy

  • Route Fulfilment - Route commitment honoured?

  • Site Coverage - Target 10-15% - Please add comments

  • Dropbox archiving - Naming Structure / Archiving / Trackers - check 20% records


Staff & Budgeting

  • Managing Staff Rota

  • Budgeting - Within Budget?

Working Regulations

  • DA

  • Supervisor

  • Site Manager


  • Growth plan achieved?


DA pool

  • Poor DA pool less than 25%

  • Retraining paperwork completed? Please add comments

Site Diary

  • Brief register - check 2 briefs

  • Site diary completed?

On road DA audit

  • On road DA audit completed? Please add comments



  • Application pack compliance

  • Recruitment tracker updated?


  • Recruitment Source


DA Feedback

  • DA No. 1)

  • DA No. 2)

  • DA No. 3)

  • DA No. 4)

  • DA No. 5)

Supervisor Feedback

  • Supervisor No. 1)

  • Supervisor No. 2)

AMZL Feedback

  • Ops Manager

  • Shift Manager

  • DSM

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