We remembers of staff knowledgable and able to deal with queries regarding an advertised event? Non reception staff.

Were you able to book a club activity at main reception. Staff must be able to deal with request for a yes.

Were you able to book onto a group exercise class at reception?

Were all team members well presented, wearing clean uniforms and wearing name badges? Reception, gym and lounge.

Have all items which were logged in the maintenance defect book from one week previous been auctioned?

Were member comment cards available on the reception desk and in the lounge area?

Was there evidence that member forums were being held quarterly?

Do you feel that SEE5 was delivered consistently by members of staff throughout your journey in the club?


Was the receptionist able to inform you of the names and times of 2 expected appointments?

Are membership agreement forms being completed correctly? Audit 3 forms for signature on back and T&C.

Is there a Sales Activity Calendar on display in the office? 1-31 day calendar.

Is there a wipe able whiteboard in the sales office depicting a MTD tally of enquiries, sales, sales targets and performance against these by consultant?

Is the MYM tracker being used and was it up to date? Month previous should be above 80%, and current month entries should match sales to date.


Were all members greeted by name and welcomed at reception? Eye contact/smile/personalised.

Were the reception staff standing up when greeting members?

Did the receptionist acknowledge your presence whilst on a telephone call?

Was the reception area clean and tidy, free from clutter and with fresh flowers on display?

Ask the receptionist who the senior manager on duty and who the next one will be? Make sure the board is up to date.

When possible, when members leave the club is the receptionist engaging and giving them a warm goodbye?

Was the receptionist helpful and informative when asked about the weight loss course? Dates, times and costs.


Was there evidence that one person was serving and another making drinks? Demonstration of W.O.O.

Were you given a friendly verbal greeting and eye contact when you approached the bar?

Was there one clean and I damaged menu available on each table and at each till point?

Were there no more than one promotional item on the tables? Free standing and up to date.

Are all TV's switched on and showing news, sky news or sky sports news with volume down and background music? Light background music should be playing.

Was DLL TV showing if there is more than 1 TV in the lounge?

Was a current price list, Weights & Measures sign and license details displayed in a prominent position?

Was the Deli offering fully stocked and available?

Was the F & B tracker being produced on a weekly basis?


Was there a member of the gym team present in the gym? On floor and engaging with members.

Were you acknowledged by a member of the gym team?

Is there a PT white board in the gym office displaying PT targets and actuals?

Were details displayed of a monthly Personal Fitness Challenge?

Was the gym equipment clean?

Was the free weights area well organised and all equipment stored in correct racks?

Was there evidence that four Group Exercise Class Assessments are being carried out each month?

Was there a photo board showing up to date photos of personal trainers in full uniform in action with a brief resume on each?

Was there evidence that "Personal Plan Form" for PTE are being completed correctly? Start date/next review date/goal setting /group exercise or N/A.

Was DLL TV showing on a minimum of 1 TV in the gym area?

Were MYM activities advertised in the club?


Was literature on Swim to Trim displayed on poolside and available to members?

Was there evidence cleaning staff understand the three key functions of their role? Cleanliness/Se It It Fix It/SEE5.

Were lockers clean inside and did they contain a hook or a a hanger?

Were the locker rooms free of unattended cleaning equipment and materials?

Were all ceiling tiles and grouted areas in good repair and free from mould?

Was any exposed pipework finished in chrome free from limescale/stains, and were hot/cold temperature markings visible?

Was shower gel available in each shower?

Was there a flower arrangement displayed on the vanity unit?

Was toilet paper available in all cubicles? Was there hand drying facilities in paper or hand dryers?

Did the steam room smell fresh with essence of eucalyptus?

From observations were lifeguards actively politely enforcing all safety and hygiene rules, and had a pool test been carried out within the last 4 hours? Was the lifeguard actively cleaning if no children were in the pool?

Pool water temps ok, Indoor - 28/29, Children's 31/34, Spa 35/38, Outdoor 28/29.

Did the pool hall only have music playing when an activity was taking place which required it?

We're aqua nappies available for use by parents of babies and young children at reception?


Was racquets equipment available from reception for members to borrow?

Is there a coach's photograph, in full tennis uniform in action, with a short resume, testimonial, and fee structure displayed?

Were all outdoor courts free from moss, leaves and gravel?

Were all courts in good repair, backdrops, free from stains and litter, all lights working, netting court dividers present and courts clearly numbered?

Was it possible to book a lesson with a tennis coach at reception?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.