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  • BSA 2017 - Sheraton | General

  • Created by Parthian Yogarajah | IT Manager | Sheraton Gateway Toronto


  • Warm welcome/greeting provided

  • Additional Warm welcome/greeting provided

  • Well-groomed and professional, wearing a uniform

  • The overall experience met guest expectations and was free of negative detractors

  • Hotel General - All non-management Hosts' uniforms meet standards<br><br>External Notes<br>Hotel General - All non-management Hosts' uniforms meet standards<br><br>Logos: brand, property-specific or graphic logo may be applied to uniforms<br><br>All Hosts must be:<br><br>In complete, well-fitted uniforms<br>From approved brand program<br>Consistent throughout the hotel<br>It is acceptable if:<br><br>Engineering Hosts do not participate in the approved program<br>Third-party/separate concept/destination restaurant (e.g. TGI Fridays, Viande) Hosts wear a different uniform<br>Properties located in Hawaii utilize an alternate uniform program<br>Contract labor, buy-out labor or temp associates wear a different uniform<br>Mark NO if any of the following:<br><br>Host not in approved uniform package<br>Host not in complete uniform for position<br>Host not in well-fitted uniform<br>Host uniform not consistent throughout hotel

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