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Building PIR


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  • Are builders grabbing material with fingertips?

  • Are lock-blocks placed in the correct place?

  • Are skins being pushed to the headboard and placed once?

  • Is core being placed by cornering the material into the guide? Not dragging core?

  • Are bowed stiles being rotated by the builders?

  • Are gloves being wiped of excess glue every 3-4 doors?

  • Are builders and feeders reading aloud the ticket and frame code information and species at start of build?

  • Are press transitions quick and timely? Are completed presses being announced to the press operator?

  • Are builders replacing their gloves for every new press?

  • Is enough glue being applied to the skins to warrant sufficient coverage?

  • Are glue weight checks current and performed consistently?

  • Is headboard free of excess glue and guide pins square?

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