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Observation Checklist

  • 1) All fire extinguishers, fire risers, and electrical panel boxes are accessible and unblocked

  • 2) Leaning material is not present anywhere in department

  • 3) All ergonomic mats are in good condition (if present)

  • 5) All electrical devices and non-essential machinery are shut-off. (fans, dust collectors, lights, etc)

  • 6) All cardboard, stretch wrap, banding, plastic, etc is removed from product and disposed of properly.

  • 7) All trash is disposed of properly. No overflowing trash cans or over 3/4 full bins.

  • 8) All aisles & floors are swept free of debris.

  • 10) Department is organized and stocked for the next shift with correct parts.

  • 11) All materials & tools are stored and/or staged in their correct homes.

  • 12) Cleaning standards match housekeeping postings.

  • 13) Department SQDCI board is correctly updated with today's information.


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