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  • Doors with is Correct per schedule +/ 1/16" trim variance. +/ 1/8" repair tolerance

  • Length is correct per schedule +/ 1/16" trim variance. +/ 1/8" repair tolerance

  • Doors are square +/ 1/8"

  • Stile balance is equal +/ 1/4"

  • Bevel is 3* +/ 1* per schedule

  • Eases are 1/16" with a tolerance of +/ 1/16"

  • Print is correct and readable

  • Stile/rail gaps are filled and sanded smooth

  • No chip outs are present

  • Doors are not loose, no loose skins are allowed

  • No frame defects ( slipped skins, bowed stiles, sunken end rails, sap pockets, etc)

  • Doors are not warped greater than 1/4"

  • No overspray greater than 1/8" including excessive paint. Doors must not stick together

  • Door sides and eases are painted with 100% coverage

  • No face defects (Glue, dirt, split or cracked veneer, chips, oil, water, divots, etc)


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