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  • Are PIT Operators wearing seatbelts?

  • Are PIT Operators driving with an unobstructed view (in reverse when forward view is obstructed by load)?

  • Does the PIT have functioning audible back up alarm, blue lights (front & back), red halo lights on sides?

  • Do all PIT Operators use their horn when exiting aisleways, approaching intersections or doorways, or anytime their field of vision is limited?

  • Do all PIT Operators come to a stop when pedestrians are approaching?

  • Do pedestrians announce their presence to PIT Operator prior to walking near/behind a driver?

  • Do pedestrians stay a minimum of 3 ft away from the PIT until the lift is turned off and the loads are lowered?

  • Do all PIT's have preshift inspection checklists on the PIT and has the checklist been completed prior to operation each shift?

  • Have all forklift drivers been given a key that was signed out by a lead?

  • Are unattended PITs turned off with forks on the ground and parked on flat surface with the keys removed and with the driver at all times when not on the PIT?

  • Do associates use designated pedestrian aisles when available?

  • Do PIT operators and pedestrians look at dome mirrors at intersections and blind spots prior to entering these spaces?

  • If spotters are needed, are the spotters at least 10 ft away from the load, in view of the PIT operator and in clear communication with the PIT operator?

  • Do all PIT operators and all pedestrians refrain from using cell phones while driving/walking in aisleways?

  • Are SQDCI boards positioned out of high traffic areas to ensure safety of those utilizing them?

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