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  • Use weight to ensure the scale in zeroed accurately

  • Weigh 22 1/8" endrail cut from a fiber stile (42lb density)

  • Write end rail weight and which line check is being taken for on the side of the endrail that will not have the glue applied and press the TARE button

  • Visually inspect the rollers for equal spread application on the top and bottom rollers

  • Orient the end rail the correct way and send through the glue spreader

  • Visually inSpect both sides of the endrail for uniform glue application

  • Log glue weight on spreader M/R chart and in I-AUDITOR

  • Immediately report any weights outside of target range to leadership to make adjustments

  • Repeat until target range is met (10.8 +/- .8g)

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