Hoist Handover
Ropes Correctly Positioned on Sheaves
Operation of cage flaps, gates, and interlocks
Operation of landing flaps, gates and interlocks
Roof trapdoor and interlock ( Passenger Hoist )
Base enclosure gates and interlocks
Hoistway clear of obstruction
Mast ties are secure ( no undue movement )
Operating tools in working order
Emergency controls in working order
Mains isolator switch operation and condition
Operation of upper and lower limit switches
Operation of trailing cable storage system
Check cable guide springs are intact
Check brakes operate normally
Confirm there are no unusual noises from motor, gear box etc
Notices - Instructions, operating, warning
Leakage free from any Fuel System
Good condition of fuel container and security cap
Operation of audible or visual warning alarms
Communication system cage to ground level
Base enclose and cage roof clear from debris
SRM handed Goods Hoist over to BW fully operational
BW handed Goods Hoist over to SRM fully operational

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Contractor's representative
LLS Signature
SRM Signature
BW Accept the Principle Contractors responsibilities for SRM handed over areas
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