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Core Competences Evaluation

Customer Service Ability

  • Acceptable responses: Gave examples of effectively handling difficult situations. Indicated the importance of dealing with customer in a positive manner and exceeding customer needs. Unacceptable responses: Did not provide examples of effectively handling difficult situations. Did not discuss importance of maintaining a positive attitude and exceeding customer needs. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Customer Service, if ranked 3 or less:

Sales/ Marketing Ability

  • Acceptable responses: Emphasized importance of identifying needs and explaining benefits of a product/service. Demonstrated a history of sales achievements and a working knowledge of overcoming objections. Unacceptable responses: Did not identify the importance of a person's needs to sell a product/service. Did not discuss how to overcome objections or influence others. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Sales/Marketing Ability, if ranked 3 or less:


  • Acceptable Responses: Expected and reacted in a positive manner to workplace changes. Maintained a calm demeanor when handling unexpected situations. Unacceptable Responses: Resisted changes in the workplace. Did not maintain a calm demeanor when unexpected change occurred. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Flexibility, if ranked 3 or less:

Work Ethic

  • Acceptable Responses: Indicated a desire to accept significant work responsibilities. Gave examples of going above and beyond to complete a project to meet a deadline. Unacceptable Responses: Did not indicate willingness to accept additional work responsibilities or mention the importance of exceeding performance standards. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Work Ethic, if ranked 3 or less:


  • Acceptable Responses: Gave examples of leading a group towards a goal and overcoming obstacles to accomplish an end results. Unacceptable Responses: Did not give examples of any leadership initiatives in the past. Uncomfortable in a leadership role in the past. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Leadership if ranked 3 or less:

Communication/ Professionalism

  • Acceptable Responses./behaviors: Was persuasive and confident and clearly articulated thoughts in interview, answers related to questions asked. Effort to dress to impress. Unacceptable Responses/behaviors: Presented information in a dull fashion. Express thought inadequately, giving vague and confusing answers. No effort put toward appearance. Quality of Examples Given:

  • Feedback on Communication, if ranked 3 or less:


  • Outcome

  • If moving the Candidate forward, any concerns that should be addressed? (If Applicable):

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