Can the crew person describe the new CBO sandwiches?

Are the crew service reminders in place?

Did you receive the correct sandwich?

Was the "special" tab pulled on the box?

Was the CBO prepared correctly?


Were all the marketing element up and in recommended position?


Are products marked with correct secondary shelf life's at the prep table

Is the correct amount of LOR used for prepping onions?

Are the grill settings for grilled onions correct?

Is the UHC programmed correctly for grilled onions?

Is the correct purple cap being used on the creamy mustard bottles?

Could the prep/grill person describe how to "prep" the onions with LOR?

Could the grill person describe how to "grill" the onions?

Could the assembler describe how to assemble the sandwich ( Angus / Chicken )

Is the "Beige" spoodle in use? Do they know this is a critical step?

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