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Board/Document Review

CPS and DTM Fundamentals

  • 1. Is the Line Board meeting being held on all 3 shifts?<br><br>**Guidelines - You are looking for documentation that proves the communication happened**<br>(1 point) No documentation on why the machine was red for the shift<br>(2 points) Notation on why the machine was red for the shift<br>(3 points) Evidence of shift meeting at the end of some shifts<br>(4 points) Evidence of shift meeting at the end of each shift<br>

  • 2. Evidence of continuous tagging is shown on the Red Tag Tracker?<br><br>**Guidelines - Red tag summary tab or JDE tracker has a column which shows the number of recent tag in the last 30 days**<br>(1 Point) If there are none<br>(2 points) If there are 1 - 2<br>(3 points) - If there are 3 - 4<br>(4 points) - If there are 5 or more

  • 3. Are all critical gauges marked, numbered, and match daily line walk or PM?<br><br>**Guidelines - Review all critical gauges for unmarked or missing**<br>(1 point) 3 or more found<br>(2 points) 2 found<br>(3 points) 1 found<br>(4 points) 0 found

  • 4. Are Hard-To areas (HTA. HTC. HTI) listed on the VC-CM List with recent additions?<br><br>**Guideline - Check to see if there is a standard way to track hard-to's )VC-CM List) and that it is being updated**<br>(1 point) No list<br>(2 points) There is a list but no recent additions<br>(3 points) List with some recent additions from red tags<br>(4 points) List with recent additions from red tags

  • 5. Is there a draft cleaning standard (or Master Cleaning Schedule) being developed and being trialed?<br><br>**Guidelines - You can find this either posted on the line board or in the spreadsheet in the computer**<br>(1 point) None<br>(2 points) Red tag items added to either draft master / weekly cleaning schedule<br>(3 points) Temporary countermeasure added for contamination / red tags with evidence<br>(4 points) Draft standard being trialed


  • 6. Are all areas of contamination tagged and have a plan for elimination?<br><br>**Guidelines - All identified contamination found during audit**<br>(1 point) More than 2<br>(2 points) 2 or less without tagging<br>(3 points) All tagged but no plan<br>(4 points) All tagged & planned for elimination


  • 7. Can team members explain sources of contamination and abnormalities?<br><br>**Guideline - Interview the operator for knowledge of sources of contamination**<br>(1 point) No knowledge of sources of contamination<br>(2 points) Some knowledge of sources of contamination<br>(3 points) Some knowledge of sources of contamination<br>(4 points) Complete knowledge of all sources of contamination

  • 8. Area team members actively participating in DTM checks and actions listed from opportunities?<br><br>**Guideline - DTM schedule posted documenting when each of the members are required to complete audits and score should be posted accordingly**<br>(1 point) <20%<br>(2 points) 20% - 39%<br>(3 points) 40% - 49%<br>(4 points) 50% - 100%

  • 9. Does the Line Board show evidence of Team actively participating through action registers, red tags, work work orders or audits?<br><br>**Guideline - All action items should be distributed to all team members**<br><br>(1 point) 4 or more members have not participated<br>(2 points) 3 members have not participated<br>(3 points) 1 or 2 members have not participated completely<br>(4 points) All have assigned tasks


  • 10. Have 50% of all Red Tags been completed?<br><br>**Guideline - Take a look at the Line Board and find the red tag tracker log for this information**<br>(1 point) <20%<br>(2 points) <40%<br>(3 points) <50%<br>(4 points) = or > 50%

  • 11. Have 50% of Hard-To's (HTA, HTC, HTI) areas been improved?<br><br>*Guideline - Take a look at the red tag tracker log for this information*<br>(1 point) <20%<br>(2 points) <40%<br>(3 points) <50%<br>(4 points) = or > 50%

  • 12. Are centerline adjustment checks being developed and implemented?<br><br>**Guideline - Go into SharePoint and look for it in the Line XX DTM Documents or it should be posted on the Line**<br>(1 point) No list<br>(2 points) Centerline added onto the list<br>(3 points) criticals identified on the list<br>(4 points) countermeasures being developed on the list

  • 13. Are the countermeasures for critical centerlines implemented (eliminated, pinned, visual control)?<br><br>**Guideline - Go into SharePoint and it should be in the DTM workbook file**<br>(1 point) <20%<br>(2 points) <40%<br>(3 points) <50%<br>(4 points) >=50

  • 14. Are the countermeasures captured in OPL format and associates trained?<br><br>**Guideline - Look for evidence that signed-off OPL's have been used for key countermeasures**<br>(1 point) No OPL's<br>(2 points) 1 OPL<br>(3 points) 2 OPL's<br>(4 points) 3 or more OPL's

Visual Controls

  • 15. - Have centerline visual controls been added to the proper process (PM, daily line walk)?<br><br>**Guideline - This should be in the line's CPS workbook in SharePoint or posted on the line**<br>(1 point) < 20%<br>(2 points) <40%<br>(3 points) <50%<br>(4 points) >=50%

Machine Review


  • 16. All fasteners have been checked for tightness, loose, damaged, missing? No cracked or damaged welds?<br><br>**Guideline - Machine walk around. Look for as many as you easily see and touch.**<br>(1 point) >3 found<br>(2 points) 2 found<br>(3 points) 1 found<br>(4 points) 0 found

  • 17. Is there abnormal noise or vibration in motors, bearings, etc.?<br><br>**Guideline - Machine inspection. Listen. Something obvious heard with no plan to repair**<br>(1 point) Something obvious heard and not tagged<br>(2 points) Something heard and tagged but no plan to repair<br>(3 points) Something heard and tagged with a plan to repair<br>(4 points) Nothing heard

Workplace Organization

  • 18. Are there any unnecessary tools, parts, etc. in and/or around the equipment?<br><br>**Guideline - This is a machine inspection.**<br>(1 point) > 1 item found<br>(2 points) 1 item found<br>(3 points) Something found but there's a just cause for it to be there<br>(4 points) Nothing found

  • 19. Visual noise has been eliminated. Work stations are clean and organized<br><br>**Guideline - Review QC and Operator work stations.**<br>(1 point) Not clean, marked or organized<br>(2 points) It's clean but not organized<br>(3 points) Items are stored but not clearly marked<br>(4 points) Clean, organized and marked

  • 20. Necessary shift/daily cleaning tools exist at point of use<br><br>**Guideline - Look for cleaning board and for proper tool placement.**<br>(1 point) No board or location identified<br>(2 points) No markings and not organized<br>(3 points) All stored but not clearly marked<br>(4 points) All stored and clearly marked

  • 21. Necessary shift/daily maintenance tools exist at point of use<br><br>**Guideline - Look for maintenance tools and location (catwalks) and for proper tool placement.**<br>(1 point) No board or location identified<br>(2 points) Board or location identified but not marked or organized<br>(3 points) Board or location identified and marked but not organized<br>(4 points) Board or location identified marked and organized


  • 22. Are air filter bowls & oilers are new or like new and functioning properly?<br><br>**Guideline - This is a visual inspection**<br>(1 point) <50%<br>(2 points) <75%<br>(3 points) <100%<br>(4 points) 100%

  • 23. Are oil levels being maintained and can be checked easily?<br><br>**Guideline - Check the levels on the machine**<br>(1 point) No. Oil levels are low or not being maintained<br>(2 points) Missing more than 2<br>(3 points) Missing 1 - 2<br>(4 points) Oil levels are marked with both min & max levels and on either line walk or PM checklist to be verified

  • 24. Are 100% of the lubrication points color coded as per the standard?<br><br>**Guideline - Machine inspections include grease, hydraulic oil, chains, etc.**<br>(1 point) Lube points not identified<br>(2 points) Lube points identified but nor marked<br>(3 points) 50% marked per CCC standard<br>(4 points) All marked per CCC standard

  • 25. Is there over lubrication at lubrication points?<br><br>**Guideline - Machine inspection. Look at all visible and/or accessible lubrication points and look for excess that you can see or feel (chains, bearings, fittings, etc.)**<br>(1 point) >3 found<br>(2 points) 3 found<br>(3 points) 1 or 2 found<br>(4 points) None found

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