Title Page

  • Name of Engineer

  • Job Title

  • Date & Time of Audit

  • Site of Audit

  • Conducted by


  • Is this visit a Routine Inspection or Call Out?

  • Has this visit been recorded on the correct documentation?

  • Has the Customer completed the documentation correctly and signed it?

  • Have temporary disconnections been authorised by the customer?

  • Have arrangements been made for a follow up visit?

Engineer present at Site

  • Did the Engineer have/show their ID card?

  • Did the Engineer inform the customer that their system was being worked on and that audible alarms may be heard?

  • Were limitations of the system during testing explained?

  • Did the engineer gather all relevant information? I.E. Log Book, Historical Records.

  • Were appropriate techniques used in finding the fault and within a reasonable time?

  • Was the customer informed of the findings?

  • Were repairs properly carried out and tested. or was the system made safe for a follow up visit?

  • Did the engineer use appropriate test equipment?

  • Did the engineer check that the customer was familiar with the operation of the systems, or was additional training offered?

  • Has the system historical card/log book etc, been completed with details of visit?

Maintenance Only Questions

  • Did the engineer check the installation meets the as fitted document?

  • Were all flexible connections checked?

  • Were all supply & Voltages correctly checked at all appropriate parts of the system?

  • Were all control equipment checked for correct operation?

  • If installed, were interfaces checked?

  • If installed, Have notices been provided/installed?

  • If fitted, Have indicator lamps been checked?

  • Were mains supplies tested and disconnected for standby testing?

Engineer Not Present at Site

  • Does the installation reflect the as fitted documentation? If not have differences been entered into maintenance sheet?

  • Has there been any changes to the premises which require additional protection to maintain system design?

  • Are there any deviations to standards/codes of practice which have not been identified by visiting engineer?

  • Has the system historical card/log book been completed with details of visit?

Health & Safety

  • Did the Engineer possess all PPE requirements and wear the appropriate items during visit?

  • Did the engineer review & understand the RAMS specific for the job?

  • Did the engineer ask for the site asbestos register prior to commencing work?

  • Was all work carried out in a safe way?

  • Were all working at height mandatories followed?

  • Did the engineer feel Mentally & Physically well during the site visit?

  • Did the engineer feel that his safety was at all compromised during the visit?


  • Engineers vehicle type & registration

  • Was the engineers vehicle in appropriate condition? If no please add note & evidence.

  • Was satisfactory site husbandry followed?

  • Was a clear understanding of company waste, electrical & electronic equipment procedure followed & understood? If no please show evidence.

  • How was waste removed & dealt with? I.E. Recycled, binned, taken for correct disposal, abandoned...

  • Did the engineer have any unnecessary printed paper that could have been looked at or signed electronically?

  • Did the engineer take the most fuel efficient way of travelling to the site? I.E Carpooling, Engine turned off when parked, order of visit to sites in direction of travel (not driving backwards & forwards)

Training Requirements

  • Does the Engineer require further training?

  • Please state what training the Engineer requires?

  • Is this training urgent due to safety of engineer & quality of work or can it be done in spare time?


  • Additional Comments

3 Areas of improvement agreed with the Engineer

  • First Area of Improvement

  • Second Area of Improvement

  • Third Area of Improvement


  • Auditor Signature

  • Engineer Signature

  • HR Signature

  • HR Engineers training record updated

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