• Customer Name / Site:

  • SO#:

  • Conducted on:

  • Prepared by

Basic Information:

  • Date Scheduled:

  • Summary of desired goals:

Please Complete the following questions

  • Discuss with customer details of desired goals

  • Provide details of discussion:

  • Research has been done?

  • Research release notes/engineering guidelines of all related customer equipment and applications to determine details of hardware,softwarec or changes to operational procedures. List each item and its status i.e. 3300 ~ must upgrade memory, teleworker - no change required, user must now dial 9 to get out. Etc.

  • Are there changes to be made?

  • Document change plan that describes what changes to be made to each piece of equipment and/or application. Include regression plan to implement in case of system system change failure.

  • Has the test plan been done?

  • Document a test plan procedure to test each change and overall customer goals.

  • Have backups been done?

  • Backup all database on customer server prior to any changes. List folder name, filename and dates of all backed up databases here.

T Care Customer

  • Is this a T Care Customer?

  • Yes this is a Total Care Customer, has the Service Dept been notified?

Customer implemented, tested, and approved by customer.

  • What date did customer approve these changes?

  • Customer contact info: Name , Phone, Ext , Email.

Abnormal Outcomes?

  • Where there abnormal outcomes to be added to knowledge base?

  • There were no abnormal outcomes

  • List abnormal outcomes to be added to knowledgebase.

Back up all change databases and documentations of change and test plans and store on customer server. Update customer configuration sheet.

  • List folder name, filename and dates of all backed up databases here include the sheet and all other documentation on the customer server.

Change Authority Submited

  • To whom was the change management authority submited to?

  • Submited to whom for approval?

  • signature:

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