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  • Building/ Lab/ Work Area #

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Is there an accurate inventory for the chemicals?

  • Is there a system to control the purchase of chemicals?

  • Are MSDS Sheets available for the chemicals?

  • Are chemicals stored safely in the lab?

  • Are chemicals clearly labelled?

  • Are incompatible chemicals stored separately?

  • Are high risk chemicals stored securely with restricted access?


  • Are waste chemicals labelled as waste and stored in a suitable location until final disposal?

  • Are facilities available for different chemical waste streams ie solid waste, liquid waste?

  • Are bins clearly marked with their waste stream?

  • Is there a dedicated sink for acceptable liquid waste?

  • Are waste chemicals disposed of promptly?

  • Are records kept of the chemicals disposed of?


  • Speak to the supervisor and a member of the lab/ work area

  • Do personnel know where MSDS documents are kept?

  • Do personnel understand the hazards associated with their work, good hygiene practice etc?

  • Can evidence of training in the safe use of chemicals be provided?

  • Do personnel know what to do in an emergency ie fire, first aid, personal contamination?

  • Do personnel know what action to take in the event of a chemical spill?


  • Are suitable gloves in a range of sizes freely available?

  • Are suitable goggles and masks freely available?

  • Are personnel wearing lab coats, gloves etc?

  • Are chemical spill kits available with instruction on how to use them?


  • Does the Fume Hood have an in-date test sticker affixed to it?

  • Is the safe working height indicated?

  • Are all flow meters working?

  • Are all fume hoods clean and tidy with no evidence they are used for general storage?

  • Are containers in the fume hood labelled with the date, owner, chemical and associated hazards?

  • Are vents clear of obstructions?


  • Are gases / gas cylinders labelled with their content and the direction of flow if applicable?

  • Do regulators have in date inspection labels affixed?

  • Is there a central gas isolation point if bench mounted gas taps are present?

  • Are instructions displayed on the action to take if a gas is leaking?


  • Are hand wash sinks available with a hand wash only sink sign displayed?

  • Are sinks clean and tidy?

  • Are paper towels and soap provided?


  • Are General Lab Rules displayed ie PPE, no eating, drinking?

  • Is the work area free of electrical equipment that shouldn’t be there?

  • Are details of the local First Aider provided?

  • Are appropriate fire extinguishers available and which have been inspected in the last year?

  • Are fire exits / fire escape routes clear?

  • Is the area generally clean and tidy with items stored safely?


  • Rate the overall safety standard of the lab/ work area

  • Provide any other observations

  • Provide any recommendations

  • Sign off

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