Desktop checks

1.000 Design

  • 1.001 All documentation lodged in iTools e.g. Scope, CDPs, RMA site plans, lay, hauling and grid plans.

  • 1.007 Build standards applied in design, manhole and cable size, plant location and position

  • 1.012 Work priced correctly using template, FS codes and quotes as applicable

  • 1.025 Build category correctly identified and recorded

  • 1.040 Tasks completed as per proposed plan

2.000 Handover and collateral delivered to Chorus

  • 2.005 Deployment codes and template pricing applied correctly - fit for purpose solution

  • 2.008 NetMap updated, integrity checked and confirmed. PRA passes

  • 2.019 All network items defined within the Chorus Network Specified Product (CNSP) process are used in the network. No non-approved items used

  • 2.022 Cable Plant Alteration (CPA) forms completed and correct

  • 2.025 As Builts accurately reflect what was built

4.000 Codes

  • 4.004 Correct statement of works codes used

  • 4.005 Decision tree applied for correct lead in method

55.000 Network Records

  • 55.002 Correct standard has been used

  • 55.006 Recording made to the appropriate standards

Field checks

13.000 Cable Haul

  • 13.001 Correct cable installed as per project pack

  • 13.003 Correct duct used, or changes recorded on As Builts

  • 13.016 All cable ends sealed with heat shrink, coiled and secured ready for use

  • 13.022 Fibre cable prepared for joint correctly in manhole (cable management tidy to cable loop brackets)

  • 13.023 Manhole/joint chamber lids free of material, bung fitted in lifting hole, lid locked

15.000 Cable and Duct Lay

  • 15.005 Route position correct according to plan

  • 15.008 Warning tape installed

  • 15.009 Buried cable crossings - depth and protection correct

  • 15.010 Reduced cover - protection insralled

  • 15.026 Duct at customer boundary for direct install fibre sealed and buried or housed in approved enclosure (e.g. Pedestal or handhole)

16.000 Micro Duct Directional Drill and Lay

  • 16.006 Route position correct according to plan

  • 16.008 Micro duct end on customer boundary either buried or housed in approved enclosure (e.g. Pedestal)

  • 16.012 Micro duct joints protected

  • 16.013 Microduct joints external to manholes. At customer boundaries for ROWs

  • 16.026 Micro duct correctly labelled

19.000 Fibre Jointing and Closure

  • 19.001 Joint closure secured on manufacturer's bracket

  • 19.002 NetMap label on closure and each cable tail

  • 19.010 30mm bending radius unconditionally observed at all locations

  • 19.014 No fibre or task waste, all optical (glass) ends safely contained

41.000 BDD Terminal

  • 41.001 Pit lids secure/locked, with bung fitted where appropriate

  • 41.002 Pit installed correctly

  • 41.017 All cable/microduct, including lead-in zip-tied or taped together in a tidy loop within pit

42.000 Pedestal

  • 42.001 Pedestal vertical, firm, at correct depth

  • 42.008 Foam bung fitted/ in correct position

  • 42.023 Network labelling in place to suit requirements

  • 42.025 Starter pipe(s) installed to facilitate provisioning of NGA services

  • 42.026 Microduct and connectors installed in vertical positions only

68.000 Fibre Access Terminal

  • 68.001 Entry tubes sealed

  • 68.002 Two fibres per tray only

  • 68.005 Tube holder installed/replaced

  • 68.007 Silica gel pack installed

  • 68.008 Triangle symbols on dome and base match

  • 68.009 All latches are closed - ports blocked/sealed

  • 68.010 O-ring installed

  • 68.011 Fibre correctly managed within FAT and trays

  • 68.013 Slack managed in fibre management coil (1.5 - 2m)

  • 68.014 Swing arm and bracket in working order/or mounted on manufactured bracket

  • 68.015 Lid locked and lock bung fitted

  • 68.016 30mm bending radius unconditionally observed at all locations

  • 68.018 Heat shrink splice protectors secured from movement

  • 68.019 No fibre or task waste, all optical (glass) ends safely contained

  • 68.020 FAT labelled correctly

  • 68.021 Fibre strain relief installed correctly

78.000 Building Distributor

  • 78.001 Correct reducers used and protection installed, appropriate external pipe and fixings used

  • 78.002 BUDI installed correctly - vertical, lid secure, labelled and coils managed correctly

  • 78.004 Feeder/fibre labelled correctly. Incoming fibre secured to anchor point with foam and zip tie

  • 78.006 All microducts labelled, capped and secured to wall or tray in riser

  • 78.013 Two fibres per tray only

  • 78.015 Slack managed in fibre management coil. 30mm bend radius unconditionally observed at all times

80.000 Aerial cable

  • 80.003 Cable down pole secured with down-lead clamp

  • 80.005 Fibre on lower section of pole protected with cover

Customer Premise checks

44.000 Service Lead

  • 44.019 Correct surface mount fastenings used/spacing to suit surface. Spacing max 600 mm supported, 300mm unsupported

47.000 Business Premises

  • 47.007 No fibre or task waste, all optical (glass) ends safely contained

General Workmanship checks

72.000 Reinstatement

  • 72.001 Property damage made good

  • 72.002 Ground reinstatement complete around poles

  • 72.003 Reinstatement/backfill satisfactory around buried service leads

  • 72.006 Concrete flush with footpath or surrounding ground, no trip hazard

  • 72.007 Excess vegetation removed

  • 72.008 Reinstatement complete around pedestal

  • 72.009 Reinstatement complete around hand holes

  • 78.011 Reinstatement appropriate around cable haul

  • 72.020 Surplus soil removed

  • 72.021 Reseal completed - footpath/vehicle resurfaced

  • 72.022 Grass reinstated and replanted

73.000 Site tidy

  • 73.001 Site tidy, no task waste - Poles

  • 73.004 Site tidy, no task waste - Pillar terminal/IFDB

  • 73.005 Site tidy, no task waste - Pit

  • 73.008 Site tidy, no task waste - Service lead

  • 73.009 Site tidy, no task waste- ETP

  • 73.010 Site tidy, no task waste - Customer/business premises

  • 73.014 Site tidy, no task waste - Cable haul

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