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Temporary Food Stall Requirements

  • 1. Does the stall have 3 walls, impervious floor and ceiling?

  • 2. Is the lighting used at the stall appropriate?

  • 3. Is all food preparation and cooking conducted inside the structure?

  • 4. Is there adequate ventilation to prevent the build up of steam?

  • 5. Is hand washing facilities with warm water, soap and paper towel provided at the stall?

  • 6. Is equipment washing facilities provided at the stall?

  • 7. Is there appropriate wastewater storage and disposal?

  • 8. Is equipment, fixtures and fittings smooth, impervious and easy to clean?

  • 9. Cleanliness of premises and equipment

  • 10. Is there food grade sanitiser available?

  • 11. Is food stored appropriately, including off the ground and in food grade containers?

  • 12. Is there appropriate temperature control?

  • Temperature recordings at stall. (Degrees Celsius)

  • 13. Is a thermometer available at the stall?

  • 14. Is pre-packaged food labelled appropriately?

  • 15. Is the food handlers skills and knowledge appropriate?

  • 16. Is the health and hygiene of food handlers appropriate?

  • 17. Is the temporary food business licence displayed?

Photographic Evidence

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  • NB: Assessment report contains findings from date/time of inspection only

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