Title Page

  • Customer Request Number

  • Property Address
  • Type of Construction

  • Inspection Date

  • Customers Name

  • Customers contact number/s

  • Customers Email Address

  • Prepared by

  • This report/template is for City of Monash use only and no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of information contained within by the City of Monash, report/template creators or the reporting officer. Any use, recreation (whether in full or in part) may not be undertaken without permission from the City of Monash or the report creators.

Detached/attached Shed/Pergola

  • Take photo of subject property

  • Type of construction

  • If "other" provide details

  • Is the structure safe?<br>If it is unsafe issue an Emergency Order

  • Photo/s which deem the structure unsafe

Location of the structure on the property

  • Location of the structure. Left & right sides are taken by facing the property from the frontage

  • Setback from front boundary

  • Setback from side boundary

  • Setback from rear boundary

  • Photos showing setbacks, elevations, etc of the structure.

  • Does the structure appear to be over the title boundaries

Construction Details

  • Details of the main materials the structure is made of

  • Height of structure

  • Length of the structure

  • Width of the structure

  • If it is a shed or alike is the structure greater then 10m2

  • If the structure is a pergola type structure is it over 20m2

  • Is guttering installed

  • Is the storm water connected to the legal point of discharge?

  • Photos indicating if there is gutting/stormwater system

  • Does the structure require fire rating to the boundary or another building<br>If the structure is with 900 mm of the boundary and a class 1 building fire rating may be required

  • Photo/s indicating if a fire rating has/has not been installed if required

Information on Pathway, GIS, etc

  • Is the a building permit for the structure

  • Is the structure built over an easement ?

  • Has the structure been in place for over 10 years? <br>Print out site plan from GIS showing the year the structure first appeared if applicable

Additional Information

  • Any additional information

  • Any additional Photos

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