• Is the car park kept tidy and litter free?

  • Is the Washbay area neat & tidy?

  • Is the signage / building clean and to a high standard?

  • Are the windows clean?

Office Area

  • Is the entrance & customer waiting area litter free and free of any inappropriate reading content?

  • Is the carpet clean and has the branch been hovered?

  • Does the customer see a neat and tidy work environment whilst at the counter?

  • Are the desks/filing trays/printer area behind the counter well presented?

  • Is the ceiling clean and is all the lighting working?

  • Walls, Skirting Boards, Doors & Glass in the office are clean?


  • Toilet area(s) clean, presentable and litter free? (inc Floor)

  • Adequate toilet paper and handwash?

Kitchen/Break Area

  • Is the Kitchen/Break area wiped down and clean?

  • Is it litter free?

  • Is the floor & ceiling clean?

Managers office

  • Is the managers office presentable, litter and clutter free for interviews of future employees/one to ones etc?

  • Has it been hovered?


  • Free from any other issues?



  • Free from security issues ie Bollards/Fence etc?

  • Carpark free of Potholes?

  • Gardening well maintained?

  • Eyewash/Goggles/Gloves present?

  • Jetwash/Vacuum/Tyre Pressure working?

  • Jetwash had PAT Testing in last 12 months?

  • Dustbin free of contracts?


  • Door decals present and opening times up to date?

  • Counter mats present and in good condition?

  • All computers / printers / chip & pins working?

  • Shred Bins locked and empty?

  • Walls free of non-ERAC material?

  • Safe / Daysafe working?

  • Daysafe locked?

  • Fire Ext servicing up to date?

  • Fire doors clear?

  • H&S folder up to date?

  • First Aid box all in tact?

  • Free of baby seats?

  • Free from any other compliance issues?

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