Skill in Methods

Method Grades

Not Observed (NOB) = activity not observed
Below (B) = somewhat clumsy, fumbles, hesitations (loses time)
Meet (M) = steady, proficient, average (neither gains or loses time)
Exceed (E) = safely reduces motion, quick, smooth (gains time)

Method Steps

1. Associate logs into RF scanner correctly

2. Associate can identify which load is next to check in

3. Prepare trailer for unloading

3. Open dock door and apply dock plate

4. Unload multiple pallets to nearest staging area

5. Check product condition

6. Associate checks SSCC label to verify label has correct information - description, quantity, use by date and etc

7. Pallet ID sticker is correctly placed on pallet

8. Scans Pallet ID label, SSCC label and carton barcode

9. Associate checks RF scanner screen to verify information on screen matches pallet - description, quantity and use by

10. Enter product info into RF scanner

11. Check product temp of pallets when required - correctly puts minus after temp number

12. Confirms In Load once completed

13. When un-loading complete, retract dock plate and close dock door

14. Complete inbound paperwork

Safety Elements

1. Associate follows Americold's Safe Work Practices - awareness of MHE traffic

2. Associate holds RF scanner safely

Procedure Method

1. Associate can identify Non Compliance Discrepancy issues - short delivered, incorrect product, damaged stock, GTINS don't scan and etc

2. Associate correctly completes Non Gatehouse & Non Compliance Discrepancy form

3. Associate records discrepancies onto invoice correctly - short supplied

4. Associate completes and signs load paperwork correctly

Performance Estimate

Stop Time:
Delay Minutes (observed)
Performance Grades

Scoring Performance Estimate
Below (B) = less than 0 Meet (M) = greater than 0 but less than +10 Exceed (E) = greater than +10

Skills in Methods

Method Characteristics:
Below = somewhat clumsy, adds motion, fumbles, hesitation, errors
Meet = follows methods, proficient, consistent, steady, average
Exceed = precise and smooth, quick and sure, reduces motions, smart, perfection

Effort Level

Effort Characteristics:
Below = slow, not best effort, slow motion
Meet = steady, enthusiastic, average
Exceed = fast, focused, sometimes too much

Time Utilization

Utilization Characteristics:
Below = does not try to avoid delay, exceeds delay allowances, stops working to talk
Meet = minimizes delay by following the methods, continues working while talking, sometimes successful at avoiding delay
Exceed = eliminates delay by eliminating motion, always works - never talks, always successful at avoiding delay

Overall Performance Score
Performance Estimate =
Actual Performance from LMS

Coachable Moment

Review Coachable Behavior with associate

5-Step Coaching Model
1) Convey Positive Intent
2) Describe behavior and actions observed
3) State impact of desired coachable behavior(s)
4) Ask associate to respond
5) Focus discussion on solution

Was a Coachable Moment Observed:

Coachable category:

Coachable Behavior (Additional notes about employee's performance during this observation)

Follow-Up required:

Planned date for Follow-up:
Associate Signature:
Supervisor Signature:

Quality Audit by Managers

CMO Quality Feedback

Manager Signature:
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