Fire and Emergency

  • Extinguishers in place and clearly marked for type of fire

  • Extinguishers last service date

  • Adequate direction to fire exits

  • Exit doors able to be opened from inside

  • Exit doors clear of obstructions

  • Last evacuation drill date

  • Evacuation Meeting Point Identified

First Aid

  • First aid cabinet clearly labelled

  • First Aid kit supplies stocked

  • Employees aware of first aid location

  • First aid officers identified and emergency numbers displayed


  • Plugs, sockets or switches are in good condition and free from damage

  • Leads are in good condition free from fraying or other damage

  • Portable power tools are in good condition?

  • Walkways are clear of temporary or permanent leads

  • Last commmon test and tag date

  • Test and tag date is within required time period

  • Variances to Test and tags date listed above found?


  • Material stored appropriately in racks/bins

  • Storage designed to minimize manual task issues?

  • Floors around racking clear of rubbish?

  • General condition of racks, pallets and storage containers

  • Equipment supplied in good condition & serviced.
    Ladders etc

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials

  • Storage facility/area appropriate?

  • Containers are labelled correctly?

  • Safety containers are in use?

  • MSDS sheets available, updated and relevant?


  • Entry and walkways kept clear

  • Walkways adequately and clearly marked

  • Vision at intersections for employees and plant

  • Areas secured and isolated (as required)

Plant and Equipment

  • Forklift- Service records up to date

  • Forklift- warning lights, horns functioning

  • Guards on plant and machinery in place
    includes lock out tags

  • Emergency stop mechanism in place

  • Machinery/plant signage displayed and adequate

  • General work area space is adequate

General Lighting

  • Illumination in work area/s and walkways?

  • Light fittings are clean and in good condition?

  • Emergency lighting available/operational


  • Normal work area

  • Area adequately signposted/isolated

  • Facilities and amenities are clean and functional

  • PPE provided and employees instructed on use

  • Employees aware of hazards and risks
    I.e. inducted into JSA's, WMS's, SOP's etc

  • Exposure to noise and atmospheric conditons

  • Exposure to environmental conditions

  • Toolbox Talks

Others General/Site Specific Issues

Following issues were bought to the clients attention following the site review

  • Issue

  • Potential Action

  • Client Acknowledgement

  • Review Date

  • Issue

  • Potential Action

  • Client Acknowledgement

  • Review Date

  • Issue

  • Potential Action

  • Client Acknowledgement

  • Review Date

Next Review Date

  • Next Review Date

Review Particulars

  • Host Supervisor/Contact Name

  • Is the workplace health and safety at the site sufficient to allow worker/s to commence?

  • Reviewer Name

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