Has an inspection been carried out on all site engineers Honeywell vehicles

Emergency lighting

Is all paper work up to date

What outstanding repairs have not been completed and reason for incompletion

Are site drawings completed

Are all tests completed

House keeping/Site condition

Storage area's

Ceilings/vent grills that need attention

Plant that needs improvement

Plant room's that need improvement

Office area's that need improvement

Water treatment

Is a discharge consent form required for site?

Are all water logs up to date

Extra works/MBT

Additional works that need to be captured

What extra works are there on the systems awaiting completion


Is there any overtime requested by client

What overtime is due and has it been planned

Is all overtime completed

Energy saving projects

What energy saving projects are there to be generated

Environmental issues

Environmental issues to be addressed

Honeywell personnel

Questions raised by Honeywell personnel

Office manager

Questions raised by Office manager

Sub contractors

Is there any remedial work needing completion

Is all sub contractor paper work/service reports received

Are all sub contractor RAMS in place and up to date

Are all future sub contractor visits scheduled in

Are all subcontractor visits up to date


Is the engineer competent to carry out there tasks

Is training required for any Honeywell personnel for this site

Contract on line

Is there any actions requiring actions/not completed


All electrical risers and electrical rooms clean

Electrical testing up to date

Pat testing completed and paper work filed

F Gas

Has there been any leaks

Has leak testing been carried out

Is all paper work up to date

Has all sub contractor visits completed

Is the sub contractor and there engineers F Gas certification verified

Is all sub contractor visits up to date

Is there an F Gas register

Statutory inspections

Is all inspection up to date

Is there any pressurisation units on site that require a statuary inspection

I&p Help Desk

What jobs are on hold and what actions are required to complete


Is there ppm's completed but not put to history

Is there any ppm's in action but not completed

Is there any ppm that have not been started

Health & safety

Are all fire extinguisher serviced and in date

Review all Honeywell risk and method statements for Honeywell activates
Are they up to date

Is there any further Health and Safety training required for Honeywell personal

Has all Honeywell personnel up to date on submitting there SOS

Has all Honeywell up to date on play books

Has all Honeywell personnel completed Loto training were required

Has all Honeywell personnel completed Risk Assessment training

Is there any area's that are hazardous ?

Is the engineer aware of the procedure in an emergency ?

Is there asbestos on the site?

Manager action - has a Health and safety company assessment been carried out for the sub contractors ?

Has a site induction been completed for the site

Has a PPE assessment been carried out for site

Is there any access issues for carrying out any jobs ?

Check engineers tools are in good condition

Is ladder/step register update and all equipment correct marked

Are all sub contractor RAMS up to date and correct for all work completed

Is Honeywell personnel equipped with the correct PPE for there duties on site

Check contents of COSHH storage, is all msds and risk assessments in place for each product and COSHH Inventory up to date

Any additional Health and Safety issues to add

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.