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  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Are all the officers in full uniform?

  • Are the officers clean and well presented?

  • Are there any outstanding uniform orders?

  • Are all the officers in possession of a valid SIA licence?

  • Are all the officers in possession of a valid Winns ID card?


  • Present?

  • Document is up to date and accurate?

  • Confirm expiry date

  • Signed by Client?

  • Signed by ALL officers?


  • Present?

  • Confirm review date?

  • Signed by Winn's management?

Health & Safety MANUAL

  • In place?

  • Signed by officers?


  • Are the company memos at the rear of the AIs?

  • Have all the memos been signed by the officers?


  • Is the site currently fully manned?

  • Are there any current or anticipated manning requirements?

  • Is Net Roster being used to roster the site?

  • Are there any current discipline issues?


  • Are the site keys managed by security?

  • Are the keys securely stored?

  • Is the key log correctly maintained ?

  • Is there evidence that the key log has been reviewed and signed off by Winns management?

  • Are the keys correctly logged daily on the handover?


  • Does the site have a mobile phone?

  • Does the site use a patrol system?

  • How many radios are there and are they in working order?

  • Are the patrol clocks in working order?


  • Is the visit an out of hours visit?

  • Have any actions highlighted in the previous report been completed?

  • Was the Client seen during the visit?

Manager's comment

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Officer's SIA number

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  • Security Officers SIA Number

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