Contract Compliance Audit

0 = Major, not in place, no attempt made, unsatisfactory
1= Minor, in place but not complete, attempted but could be improved
2 = Satisfactory, good, meets requirements
FUNDAMENTAL - A requirement that must be well established, continuously maintained & monitored

Site files

FUNDAMENTAL: The contract site file is in place and accessible to ALL contract staff.

The contract site file is in a presentable, good condition.


Fundamental: ALL contract staff have completed the required company induction training (within first 5 working days), along with any client induction requirements (ALL contract staff to be checked)

The same induction training records are in the contract file / head office

Induction training record have been completed correctly. Note: if records are not available (held at head office), the two employees names to be recorded and records requested & inspected from HO

Fundamental: all staff have completed individual training records (human focus) (all staff to be checked)

The individual training records are correctly completed I.e. Signature of trainee, printed name and signature from the trainer and the date for each training session

There are Human Focus categories available for all relevant work tasks carried out.

Designated trainers have been appropriately assessed as competent (BICSc)

All refresher training / re-training / training briefs / training memos are completed correctly

Cleaning Chemicals

Fundamental: There is a list in the site file of all chemicals used on this contract

Fundamental: MSDS sheets from the supplier are available for every chemical in the site file

Fundamental: COSHH assessments for all hazardous materials are in the company site file

The required PPE is available

All chemical cleaning containers are clearly and correctly labelled with the chemical contents

There is a designated area for storing cleaning chemicals which is separate from food stuffs and that has controlled access

There is a chemical eye wash facility / near the chemical store, within date sterile solutions

There is a suitable spillage control equipment in / near the store room

Policies & other key documents

There is an up to date copy of the company quality policy

There is an up to date copy of the company environmental policy

There is an up to date copy of the company health & safety policy

There is an up to date copy of the company employee's manual

Fundamental: there is a copy of the current employer's liability insurance certificate

Accident & near miss reporting

There are company accident reporting booklets available on site

There is a near miss reporting system in place

There are acceptable first aid arrangements in place for this contract

Cleaning machinery, equipment and PPE

Fundamental: there is an up to date list of available portable electrical appliances (owned/leased by the company) on this contract

Fundamental: ALL portable electrical appliances have been PAT tested within the last twelve months

Electrical equipment user checks are completed periodically

Fundamental: ALL cleaning operatives have completed a PPE issue record (all contract staff to be checked)

PPE issue records have been completed correctly

Control of contract & staff

There is an operational system in place to record when employees are on / off site

There is a contract profile document in place

The contract profile document accurately reflects the contract

There is an operational system in place to manage temporary staff

Up to date contact details of the main company personnel are available

Cleaner's cupboard

All hygiene equipment is subject to colour coding

Cleaning equipment is stored off of the floor

The cupboard is clean & tidy and presents a professional image

Contract accident statistics for last 12 months (R/NR)

RIDDOR Reportable

Non-RIDDOR Reportable

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.