1, Work Planning

  • Have all staff working on this task been inducted?

  • NOTE : All non-inducted staff must cease work immediately until inductions are completed .

  • Does the task have a current JSEA or Standard Work Practice?

  • Have all workers signed onto the JSEA or the SWP or can demonstrate competency for the SWP?

  • Are MSDS' available for any chemicals used in the task?

  • Does the JSEA identify all relevant hazards and risks associated with the task?

  • What risks and hazards have been missed?

2. Competency

  • Are there any specific registrations or qualifications required for the task such as forklift ticket, electrical qualifications?

  • What are these and are they verified for all relevant workers?

  • Are there any other specific skill / training requirements such as working at heights?

  • What are these and are they verified for all relevant workers?

  • Does a Permit to Work apply to this task ?

  • Is it displayed and have workers signed onto it?

3. Work Practices

  • Are manual handling tasks being carried out safely using required mechanical aids?

  • Are workers wearing required personal protective equipment?

  • Are chemicals safely stored?

  • Are workers using chemicals and hazardous substances safely?

  • Are required isolations in place ?

  • Are any hazards created by the task which may impact on other trades of workers such as welding or the use of chemicals?

  • What controls are in place?

  • Are any other unsafe acts or behaviours observed?

  • Describe these?

4. Equipment

  • Is all electrical equipment tagged and tested?

  • Is all lifting equipment tagged and tested?

  • Are forklifts and mechanical equipment compliant to VISY standards?

5. Work Area

  • Is the work area free from and slip and trip hazards?

  • Is the work area tidy and well organised?

6. Waste and Environment

  • Is there any risk of waste water or litter from the job entering the stormwater system?

  • What controls are in place to prevent this occurring?

  • Does the job generate solid waste?

  • Give details of how this waste is disposed of?

  • Does the job generate hazardous or regulated wastes which may include oily rags, chemical containers or sludges from cleaning activities?

  • Give details of how this waste is disposed of and how waste tracking requirements are complied with?


  • Observations

  • Actions

  • Recommendations

  • Contractor practices are compliant to VISY HSE systems?

  • Contractor needs to redo Site induction?

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